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Lateral expands to solve the industry’s recruitment problems

Lateral expands to solve the industry’s recruitment problems

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We understand that recruitment and staffing is time-consuming and difficult. Finding the right person for the right job is one of the biggest problems that businesses face in the modern economy. Our new service will provide talent solutions and flexible staffing for companies in need of skilled workers for any size of project.

Hire a developer

We are now supplying developers skilled in .NET, automation, UI/UX, C#, iOS and Android development. All Lateral developers meet our extremely high standards of skill and competency. Using our custom design testing software Testsuite, we can guarantee that you will be getting the best workers for your job.

Hire a project manager or business analyst

Lateral are also supplying business analysts and project managers for to help companies deliver great projects.

Our experienced business analysts come from software background and are skilled in business process mapping and hold SCRUM master qualifications. 

Our trained project managers have worked for years in the industry and fully understand the software development lifecycle. Our managers know how to use good project guidelines within an agile environment to get the most out of any project. 

Flexible working arrangements

All our supplied workers are suitable for either small or large projects. We will cover all employee entitlements so you don’t need to worry about leave, sick pay or public holidays. You will only be charged for the time that the developer works and can choose an hourly or daily rate.

Whether you have a sharp increase in business or are looking to expand into new areas, Lateral can cover your staffing needs. Our flexible arrangements means that you get the people you need, as long as you need them.

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