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What does Lateral do (and what does Lateral not do)?

What does Lateral do (and what does Lateral not do)?

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Plugging the gap

If you can’t find a software solution “off the shelf” (referring to an existing product), we can build a bespoke software solution tailored to your needs. There’s lots of software out there for common needs, i.e. Microsoft Word for word processing, accounting packages, etc. If your organisation is quite complex or has something unique that sets you apart from all the others for whom the standard software has been predominantly created, then it may not be possible to get a ready-made solution.

That’s where we can help; we work with you to understand your challenges and build a custom solution tailored for you. Like a missing puzzle piece that is exactly the right fit for your business, giving you a competitive advantage. Make the software work for you, not the other way around.

Bespoke software solutions can have the shape  you want, specified to your needs
However the missing puzzle piece looks like, Lateral can build a tailor-made software solution to fill the exact gap


Connecting it all together

The other big thing is integration. In many corporate organisations there are various systems running in parallel, making the workflow difficult. Sometimes the components or parts of systems and devices already exist, but you need to connect it up in order to achieve a working solution.

That’s what we do, we work with you to understand your information flow and build integration so systems work together. The result is a smooth workflow.

integration-300x187.jpg Lateral specialises in software integration – connecting seperate systems into one

What we don’t do

Recently we got asked the “What does Lateral do?” question at an event we ran on wearables and mobile technology for the health industry. So it was important to point out that we don’t manufacture or endorse any of the wearable devices nor have we developed an app that we market in our name – there is no “Lateral App”. What we do is taking existing components, such as wearable devices, the cloud and your clinical practice system and integrate them together with a solution that turns components into complete end-to-end solutions.

We help customers to get quick wins, get solutions in place quickly and get a return on investment. One recent example is a workflow-improving mobile app we have built for a Perth-based Fertility Centre, eliminating paper and saving them 50% of their time. Read a case study about it. Another example is a unified diary, increasing internal transparency and productivity, see this case study.

At the same event there were also questions around more complex issues of patient information data exchange among medical practitioners. Again this raised another key aspect to the work we do. Unashamedly we avoid big problems. Why? Well there’s a lot more people and even the government working on these bigger scale problems, taking a great deal of discussion and time. In this particular context just take a look at the complexity and debate surrounding the PCEHR (Patient Controlled Electronic Health Record). We certainly don’t claim to solve those issues. Instead, we work at an operational level solving our client’s specific business problems.

Fitbit-Flex-Laterals-Door-Prize-for-Breakfast-Event-Integrating-Mobile-Health-and-Wearable-Technology.jpg Fitbit Flex – While we had this wearable device as our door prize for our last event “Integrating Mobile Health and Wearable Technology”, we don’t sell them. It could be one existing component of a tailor-made software we can develop to your specific requirements.


If there is still anything unclear or you would like to discuss in more detail, just give us a call on 1300 585 355 or send us an email

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