10 Android and iOS apps to get you through the holiday season!

10 Android and iOS apps to get you through the holiday season!

10 Android and iOS apps to get you through the holiday season!

With Christmas quickly approaching, why not enjoy the many new fun and useful Christmas apps on your phone to help you get in the festive spirit! Both Android Play Store and Apple App Store have a great range and selection of Christmas apps, that cover everything from holiday music, Christmas gift ideas to holiday greeting cards. Leading into the holiday season, here are some of the top Christmas apps for your phone.

1. Dr. Seuss Camera - The Grinch Edition
Platform: iOS
A playful take on the famous children's novels, The Dr Seuss Camera - The Grinch Edition camera is a fantastic app particular for kids or anyone wanting to channel the holiday spirit. The Dr Seuss Camera includes 20 "Grinchmas" cards that can be personalized with photos of your family and friends and sent to anyone you want to.
2. Salvation Army Christmas Music 
Platform: iOS
As the name suggests, this app is created in coordination to support The Salvation Army, so they can help those who need it most this Christmas season. The app has a variety of holiday music stations, including Christmas themed music stations, which covers all the classics for both young and old.
3. Santa's Christmas Village
Platform: iOS
The Santa's Christmas Village isa great way to entertain your kids or even for adults who wish to get in touch with their inner child and enjoy fun holiday games on their phone. The app includes over 13 Christmas and holiday related themes, including many fan favourites such as solitaire, checkers, hangman, minesweeper and more. The app also contains a number of festive holiday songs to add to the Christmas flavour.
4. Christmas Recipes
Platform: Android
Need help planning the menu for Christmas this year? Look no further this app has all your favourites with step by step guide on how to make the finished product. We all know as the Christmas host it can all get a little expensive. This app is so nifty that it actually calculates the approximate cost to make the dish, so you can keep your wallet in check.
 5. Secret Santa App
Platform: Android
So gone are the days where you pick a name out of the hat for secret santa. As families get bigger, Secret Santa is a great way to keep up with the Christmas Spirit whilst still enjoying the day. The secret santa app is an easy way to organise the Secret Santa four steps and you are done. Add the email addresses, enter description of the rules of the game, and hit send.

6. Christmas Radio
Platform: iOS
This fantastic Christmas app has basically every type of Christmas related music you want, with over 31,000 radio stations. The app is based on SHOUTcast radio, which allows you to search the stations by keyword and save your favourites for quick access later.
7. Christmas Countdown!!
Platform: iOS
This is an app you need to have to ease your holiday anticipation. The app comes with a Christmas countdown so you can plan your month accordingly leading up to the big day with a built in advent calendar as well as a bunch of fun holiday songs. The in-app gift list feature will also help you monitor the many purchases that inevitably come up during December. 
8. Elf Yourself
Ever imagined what you would look like as a dancing elf? Well elf yourself is the perfect app and allows you to become the elf star of a personalised Christmas video. Simply upload your photos, select a dance theme and the app will generate a custom video that you can upload and share via email and social media.
9. Xmas Organiser
Platform: Android
Xmas Organizer lets you organize all your Christmas gifts. Whilst Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year, many of us are still not free from the stress that comes with shopping for the right gifts for our loved ones every year. If this is something you are familiar with, the Xmas Organiser app is the answer. This is a full-featured app that is integrated with email support, address book integration and plenty of categories to help your organise the business that is Christmas shopping. As an added bonus feature, it also tracks your spending so you can keep a close on eye on your budget during this shopping frenzy.
 10. Christmas Activity Book HD
Platform: iOS
This app is perfect to help you keep your kids entertained this Christmas season. The app comes with many games like colour-matching games, counting activities, Christmas tales, snowman-building, sing-along and jigsaw puzzles. An app that is definitely needed to make sure you and your kids get excited about the upcoming festive season! 

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