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Tribute to the best Apps of 2016

Tribute to the best Apps of 2016

Tribute to the best Apps of 2016

1.Albert (iOS & Android Coming soon)
Category:  Business & Finance
One thing we all can do is find ways to better manage and fine tune our finances to make our lives easier. Many of us have several credit cards of varying balances, multiple loans, a handful of bank accounts and what seems to be an ongoing array of bills to pay each month. When you are in this situation, getting your finances in order is the key to simplifying your financial stress and through the Albert App, you can. This app allows you to sync all your accounts so you can keep an eye on them easily and also notifies you when bills are due, provides suggestions to cut costs and even provides strategies and recommendations to increase savings.

2.Asana (iOS, Android, Web)
Category:  Organisation
Whilst Asana as an app isn't new specifically to 2016, it has received some awesome upgrades and has been infused with so many new features that in 2016, the app really hit its stride. Asana allows you to manage and organise the tasks in your professional and personal life. After the major interface and UX/UI overhaul last year, including the recent addition of boards, custom fields, offline mobile access, team management for administrators, and a ton of new third-party integrations this year, the new Asana ensures you 'work a lot more SMARTER, than harder'. If you’re doing any sort of trackable, task-able work, Asana should definitely be on your short list to check out.

3.Google Trips (iOS, Android)
Category: Travel  & Holiday
With more of us wanting to travel and constantly being on the go, Google Trips helps you stay on top of your travel plans by combing with your Gmail account to automatically sync your flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations into simplified trip itineraries. You'll also get information about local attractions based on your GPS settings and receive entire day-long activity suggestions plotted on a map that you can tune based on your travel preferences. A must need app for any frequent or inquisitive traveller.

4.Hardbound (iOS Only)
Category: News & Entertainment
One of the most unique apps of 2016, Hardwood provides news the new-age way just as many millennials want. Hardbound provides a daily roundup of global news stories, where each story is broken up into a short series of flashcards, mostly images with key bits of text to provide the important details. The app is very consumer friendly, has a simplified navigation and provides news in a fun and interactive way to keep its users engaged. As a final touch, the app taps into your extra inquisitive nature by providing additional fun-fact stories that help you build your overall general knowledge.

5.PhotoScan (Android, iOS)
Category: Photo & Media
In the age of social media, where we all want to share and enjoy each other's photos, PhotoScan is the new dominant photo-scanning app that puts the rest to shame. If you have any old photos lying around of yourself, (or perhaps even your parents high school photos?), PhotoScan allows you to digitize them and share them with the world. The app is fast, accurate and most importantly, FREE! Furthermore, using this app is a no brainer particularly if you store your snap on Google Photos, as it'll sync all your scans there automatically. 

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