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5 Ways To Become A Better Android App Developer

5 Ways To Become A Better Android App Developer

5 Ways To Become A Better Android App Developer

The days when Apple devices ruled the smartphone world unchallenged are long gone. Since it’s commercial launch in 2008, the last decade has seen Android devices capture an ever growing segment of the market. This has meant that Android app development has become a much more popular, lucrative and competitive space.

Nowadays, Android app developers that want to stand out from the crowd (and attract the best possible price for their work) need to show a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to improve, there are plenty of other people who are, so it pays to be constantly looking at ways to develop your skills.

If you’re looking to maintain a competitive edge in the world of Android app development then make sure you check out the following 5 ways to become a better Android app developer.

Become More Familiar With The Android Framework Internals

Don’t be afraid to dive deeper into the Android framework internals! This means looking beyond the documentation and getting to grips with the actual code itself. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you can see how things actually work and get a better idea of how the different pieces fit together properly.

No More Fear Of The Unknown

Android is so big that you’re never going to learn it completely within the space of a few months. As with so many things in life, the more you learn about it, the more you’ll understand how much you don’t know. When you’re starting out it’s perfectly normal to be afraid that you’re missing out on learning crucial information by trying to build things while in a state of relative ignorance.

The best thing to do is when it comes to app development is to take it slowly and learn as you go. Learn the things that you really need to get started on the app you’re currently working on and then slowly expand your horizons from there. The best way to improve quickly is to learn in a hands on fashion.

Read. More. Code.

Coding is a lot like any other form of writing - you can learn a lot from reading great work by other people. The only way to truly become a much better Android app developer is to read the excellent code of more experienced developers. Looking at open-source apps and libraries is a great way to discover new coding techniques and feature implications that you can then use in your own work.

Learn Java Design Patterns

It’s almost impossible to stress how important this can be in advancing your Android app development career. When you’re stuck trying to solve a critical programming problem, design patterns can be a real lifesaver.

It’s also really helpful to be on the same page as other developers you might work with. When they’re talking about using a Decorator, Factory or Facade pattern, it’ll make life a lot easier (and make you look a lot more competent) if you instantly know what they mean.

Try setting yourself the challenge of learning one new design pattern a week.

Make Android Studio Work For You

Android Studio is and IDE that can do a lot more than you probably realise. It contains a lot of very useful shortcuts and features that a lot of developers don’t  bother to discover.

Taking the time to learn new and better ways of making your tools work for you will have a considerable impact on your workflow and productivity.As you can see, becoming a great Android app developer isn’t an easy process. If you don’t have the time and dedication that it takes to master it, but still need a highly effective app developed for Android, then our expert team of mobile app developers can help make the whole process a lot easier and more efficient. Get in touch today to learn more about what makes Lateral one of the leading app developers in WA.

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