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Lateral Solutions screens WWDC 2013 keynote for Perth iOS developers

Lateral Solutions screens WWDC 2013 keynote for Perth iOS developers

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In the first half of the two-hour keynote, Apple showed off new MacBook Airs; a Mac Pro that looks like a stylish beer can; and their new version of OS X called Mavericks (named after a surf break in California). As anticipated, the main focus was on Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 which made up the second half of the keynote.

Some of the audience in Subiaco were not too enthusiastic about the new flat design, but all found some new features interesting. In addition, Richard, one of Lateral Solutions’ iOS developers, had the beta version installed on his iPod Touch and everyone had the opportunity to try it out.

Trying out the new iOS7 in beta at Lateral Solutions’ office

IOS 7 will be available later this year and lets users see behind icons and use 3D-looking tabs as well as swipe between apps in its new Control Centre, encouraging multi-tasking. Some of the other new features are:

  • Apps will be automatically updated so users don’t have to update manually anymore
  • Siri gets a new voice (male or female), and integrates Twitter and Wikipedia
  • Photos are organised based on location and time and auto-labelled with visited locations
  • AirDrop lets iPhone users share their photos and videos over Wi-Fi connections with nearby users
  • iTunes Radio plays pre-loaded radio stations or own selected stations; over time, it learns favourite genres. The connection to the iTunes store lets users purchase new songs (first available in the US)
  • Anti-theft features to deter criminals from stealing iOS 7 devices – turning off the device and wiping it before selling it to others is no longer possible.

The major overhaul is the design. There is less skeuomorphism such as a leather-bound calendar; instead the design is reduced, uses a lot of white and embraces simplicity, translucency and logical layering. If you’d like to see more details, have a look at this video where Jony Ive, Senior Vice President Design, walks you through the new features in about 7 minutes.

After watching Apple’s keynote, Perth iOS developers discuss new features

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