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Apple announces a built-in health tracking app for iOS 8

Apple announces a built-in health tracking app for iOS 8

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“Health”  offers an “easy-to-read dashboard”, pulling in information from various sources, for example diagnostics, lab results, medications, nutrition and much more. It is already integrated in iOS 8. This means, everyone who will update their mobile Operating System to the new iOS version 8 or who buys a new mobile device which has iOS 8 already installed, will have it on their iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod Touch. Soon, this app will be omnipresent in Australia’s population, bringing noticeable awareness to digital health.

health_icon-(1).png Apple announced the app “Health”, integrated in iOS8

Users can individually determine which data they want to share, for example with their doctors.
health_screen_calories_burned-170x300.jpg health_screen_healthdata-170x300.jpg
Health Data screen of Apple’s app “Health” Dashboard screen of Apple’s “Health” app

We as app developers could use HealthKit for clients in the health industry to tailor an app to their specific requirements; for example when data is collected from several different devices, brought together into their existing computer system, utilising it for a valuable outcome they require either in their workflow or for their patients. This opens up many opportunities for the health industry. Some of our developers have already installed the available version on their iOS devices.

Apple also said they have been working with innovative Mayo clinic for a while. Mayo uses an own app (= third party app) which is working with HealthKit. Individual parameters can be set for patients; for example, if a blood pressure reading does not fall in the parameter’s thresholds, the app can proactively notify health staff who then can help their patients quickly.
health_third_party_apps.pngExample of third party integration: Apple’s Health app is integrated in Mayo Clinic’s app (left)
The publication 9to5Mac has already released a first walkthrough of the Apple Health app as seen in this video:

We will monitor this space as we have been working for health clients and we also have an accredited CHIA in our team, a Certified Health Informatician Australasia. We are curious what Apple will eventually release around September/October. Apple’s website addressing Health and HealthKit can be seen here.


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