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Perth’s iOS Developers Watched WWDC14 at Lateral Solutions

Perth’s iOS Developers Watched WWDC14 at Lateral Solutions

Perth’s iOS Developers Watched WWDC14 at Lateral Solutions

It has become a tradition that Lateral Solutions hosts the June Perth iOS developers Meetup around this happening, providing nibbles and beverages. As the time difference would not allow a convenient live screening at night, the Meetup group came together to watch WWDC’s recording; group members exchanged what they had heard during the day and demonstrated what they had downloaded on their devices. The Meetup was founded by our team lead Sam. Also  Tim attended, our latest addition to our mobile team. Yesterday evening, around 15 Perth’s iOS developers gathered in our office, looking forward to what Apple has actually revealed – the rumour mill is always at its full spin prior to the WWDC.

Opposed to rumours referring to new devices, it was not hardware but software that dominated this year’s WWDC, presented by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Craig Federighi, Senior Vice-President Software Engineering.
2014-06-03-17-42-32-300x168.jpg Exchanging views before watching the WWDC screening at Lateral Solutions’ office

The main announcement was the new version of Apple’s Operating Systems: iOS 8, the Operating System for mobiles, and OS X Yosemite, the Operating System for desktop computers. Apple has made them working together; for example a user can start writing an email on an iPhone (mobile) and continue writing it on a Mac (desktop). Even phone calls can be taken via a Mac or iPad, using them as speakers to their iPhones. Both free updates for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will be released in the northern hemisphere’s autumn later this year, respectively Australia’s spring.

A novelty, specifically interesting for developers, was the announcement of Swift, a new programming language for writing iOS and OS X Apps. We will watch this space attentively.

Another anticipated tool was the HealthBook. Apple called it simply “Health” and offers a developer’s kit called “HealthKit”. Read more about it here.

Last but not least, HomeKit is another interesting announcement: Designed for home configuration and automation services in a user’s home, it can connect by voice with Siri and takes commands such as “get ready for bed”; it then could switch the outdoor lights off and the bed lamp on, as well as heating the electric blanket.

If you want to watch the presentation at the WWDC 2014 in full length (close to 2 hrs) including more features, watch this official Apple video:

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