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Lateral And Saint Vincent de Paul Working Together To Combat Perth’s Homelessness

Lateral And Saint Vincent de Paul Working Together To Combat Perth’s Homelessness

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These proceeds will assist youth experiencing homelessness in Perth in either providing training in coding, CV check-up as well as assisting the ongoing development of the Passages App.
Tommy says, “This new partnership reinforces the social obligation businesses in Perth need to uptake in order to help combat community issues such as homelessness. If we can assist even one youth experiencing homelessness and provide them with an opportunity to access services that will help them transition to a life out of homelessness, then we hope this will cause a domino effect to inspire others to help”.
Lateral, a major player in the tech space, are dedicated to improving the community, by building better ties between education and the younger and future generations by providing them with the opportunity to access quality education and training, especially in Information Technology and Science.
“It is a wonderful partnership that we have been able to establish with Lateral. From the first interaction through the CEO Sleepout to now working on innovative and supportive practices for people experiencing homelessness, we are grateful for all of the support Lateral is providing us but, more importantly, its commitment to help people in need in our community” said Mark Fitzpatrick.
We look forward to a better future working with our new partners.

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