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Today’s event “Practical Examples of Mobile Technology in Health”

Today’s event “Practical Examples of Mobile Technology in Health”

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Lateral Solutions hosts event “Practical Examples of Mobile Technology in Health”
We teamed up with Apple product specialist Karl as well as James from Amazon Web Services and held three presentations, followed by a Questions and Answer session and the draw of our door prize, an iPod touch 32GB. Host Richard, our Senior Mobile Applications Consultant, led through the event and introduced the key message “start small, start now”.

Karl gave an overview of Apple’s mobile capabilities and illustrated it by a local example of St. John Ambulance; they eliminated paper based records and integrated mobile technology into their workflow. That way, St. John Ambulance avoided double entries and improved their productivity. An iPad app was developed specifically for them which enables paramedics to enter information directly into their core system while being in the vehicle; people involved later in the chain such as doctors in the hospital can access that information before the patient is physically there; the patient can even sign while on the way. IPads also function as training tool for paramedics in their down time.

Amongst some of Karl’s international examples, Mayo Clinic was the most outstanding. You can find a link to their video amongst other videos in our compilation of further information.

Richard continued with the second presentation, providing a client example. Perth’s Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC) has become one of WA’s largest and most experienced centres for infertility, IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and other assisted conception treatments. We were pleased to have Guy Callender, Practice Manager at HFC, in the audience as well.

As an innovative clinic, HFC eliminated paperwork for a specific daily work process and saved 50% of their time by using an app we specifically built for them. Richard gave a live demonstration on an iPod touch, an iOS device used on a daily basis at HFC.
Live Demo Mobile App specifically built for Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC)
He scanned a QR code on a drug’s package and another QR code on the patient’s record. The app then combines all information in the web-based database which can be accessed from a desktop computer as well. The app was developed within three weeks’ time and is an example of putting “smart small, start now” into practice. A pdf of HFC’s case study can be found here; also, download a video of Richard’s live demonstration at the event.

The third presenter was James from our cloud services vendor Amazon Web Services who focussed on the topic “security in the cloud”. He made clear that their servers used for Australia are based in Sydney and comply with industry standards. One of the strong benefits of using the cloud is its scalability – users only pay for what they use. Servers don’t break down in case a lot of data has to be exchanged, so usage peaks are no dramas. Many mobile applications use the cloud. It was interesting to see how many people in our audience played the – also cloud based – game “Flappy Bird” before it was taken down.
James presenting on cloud solutions in the health industry

James presented some international as well as local examples. The video of the Schumacher Group can be found in our compilation of further information.  A local example is Health Engine, a web-based appointment service, bringing together patients and doctors. Based in Perth, they operate nationally using the cloud. An overview of local businesses using AWS can also be found in the presentation slides in our compilation of further information.

The following Q&A session included discussions about the demand for complete wifi coverage. It seems there is some work to do in terms of infrastructure so mobile technology can be leveraged to it’s full potential. Richard pointed out that HFC is a perfect example for starting small and starting now; Lateral Solutions also set up HFC’s WiFi infrastructure which works smoothly now.

Finally, Richard drew our door prize. Congratulations to Alan Thomas from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (Medical Technology and Physics department) who is now owner of a brand new iPod touch 32GB.

For further practical examples we couldn’t cover today, we provided a card with a QR code, leading to our compilation of further information. Presentation slides are included as well.

We hope our guests enjoyed their breakfast and found the information valuable. Have a look at the photos from the event.
QR-code-20140313_LateralSolutions__DSC5643-150x150.jpg QR code cards for further information

If you have any questions regarding mobile technology or if you are interested in getting invited to further specific educational sessions catered to your industry, get in touch with us on or on 1300 585 355.

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