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Lateral and Schrole Group Forge a New Partnership

Lateral and Schrole Group Forge a New Partnership

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"Investing in a sector that is set to double in size in the next ten years is a key strategic move for Lateral’s future. " -- Says Managing Director of Lateral, Tommy Shin. “ This new partnership will undoubtedly be mutually beneficial and we welcome this opportunity to work with the close knit management team from Schrole Group.”

The Schrole Group is the parent company for two core businesses: Schrole™ and the ETAS Group. Schrole™ provides online services and consultancy for the education sector. It was developed by education professionals for education professionals. It’s two online services are Schrole Connect and Schrole Cover that help international schools with recruiting, care, development services and staff management.

ETAS Group is a Registered Training Organisation that has trained individuals in the resources sector and affiliated industries for 20 years. It is a B2B provider with a focus on teaching leadership, management and training design.

This partnership is a perfect synergy between two well established organisations working on innovative products. Lateral is currently working on the Schrole Cover App with Schrole. In addition three other significantly large projects to be rolled out in phases throughout 2016, and several new product concepts are in the 2016-2017 pipeline with the Lateral team key to the successful inception, development and launch of these products.

“It's great that we have a local partner who can offer the depth of development services we require. Lateral have already proven themselves to be an outstanding business partner and have been very responsive to our needs. In addition Lateral's investment in us reinforces our belief in long term growth prospects of Schrole.” Rob Graham, CEO of Schrole Group.

We look forward to a great future working together with our new partners.

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