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Lateral Rewarded for FINE work!

Lateral Rewarded for FINE work!

Lateral Rewarded for FINE work!

Lateral worked closely with the City of Perth (COP) to develop an app to increase efficiency and reduce the headaches associated with their out-dated systems. COP’s previous systems were lacking in integration and real-time reporting, making it difficult to accurately monitor staff activity, equipment and the status of jobs on a day-to-day basis. The lack of integration between systems, and the reliance of paper trails, also meant finding information and adding it to the different databases was time consuming and labour intensive.
Based on their unique requirements, Lateral’s analysts and developers came up with the CPAMS to resolve COP’s countless workflow and efficiency issues, enabling:

  • Employees to login into the CPAMS app wherever they are, create new jobs and see the status of a job, all in real-time.

  • Management to accurately view job statuses, manage assets, stock and see real-time costing reports directly through the app without collaborating information between multiple systems and paper work.
  • COP to become more focused on the core aspects of their role and specialisations, rather than managing and maintaining workflow systems.
  • COP to significantly reduce the turnaround times on jobs and total costs.

This all sounds great! But what exactly are the WAITTA awards, you ask?
Well, WAITTA stands for the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance, and is focused on inspiring ICT innovation throughout WA. The WAITTA Incite Awards provide the opportunity for companies to be recognised and celebrated for their achievements, innovation, and excellence throughout the industry. Our app quality was highlighted in three different categories:

  1. The app was highly unique and innovative, as this is the first app of its kind.
  2. Its value to the public and the improved quality of performance of public servants
  3. And, perhaps most importantly, was all of COP’s requirements were met

Thus highlighting one of Lateral’s core philosophies; we’re here to work with you and understand your information and build systems that work for your individual requirements. So if you, like the City of Perth, need a custom app or system for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! 

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