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Lateral A Finalist For 2015/16 Annual WAITTA INCITE Awards

Lateral A Finalist For 2015/16 Annual WAITTA INCITE Awards

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The WAITTA INCITE Awards showcases ICT innovation and excellence across 10 award categories, recognising individual achievement, product innovation and project excellence. The program provides opportunities to both the companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the industry to be recognised and celebrated.

Lateral’s finalists this year are:

Jayse Aldersea
App: GIGSTIK Concert
Award Category: Most Creative Media/Entertainment Technology

Gigstik is a native app for both artists and fans to communicate at live concerts and events. It is 100% free and has been designed for artists to instantly boost tour and performance revenue while giving users and fans the intimate and interactive live entertainment experience they can’t get elsewhere.

App: HotCopper
Award Category: Most Innovative Collaborative Technology

The HotCopper App was developed with the collaborating efforts of the Lateral and HotCopper technical teams. HotCopper is a stock market, FOREX & political online forum with over 250,000 registered members. The website’s audience require announcements and data to come in real time plus news to be available 24/7.The HotCopper App delivers similar services as the HotCopper website and is a source of relevant information for both short-term and long-term investment and trading.  Timely delivery of news, events, and forum responses is essential, implicating that the app and its backend should be robust enough to handle hundreds of thousands of users at any given time.

Schrole Group 
App: Schrole Cover
Award Category: The Most Effective eBusiness Solution

Schrole Cover provides information and resources to organisations looking to develop intelligent solutions for temporary employment needs. The rapid fill capability offers time and resource saving for businesses and improves productivity. The smart notification embedded in the platform provides organizations with the tools they need to ensure all their staff have the information they require, particularly where there are compliance frameworks to meet. The upgraded user experience and efficiencies developed in the partnership between Lateral and Schrole Group has created a unique and widely applicable business tool that supports the current and future employment market.

St Vincent de Paul Society & Passages 
App: Passages Mobile 
Award Category: Most Impactful Social Benefit

In a joint venture with SVDP and their Passages Resource Centre, Lateral Labs have developed a mobile application to provide real-time information to homeless youth about support services available to them. The app is used as a tool for connecting people who are isolated by providing information to encourage youth to visit a centre. Passages’ staff can then focus on building relationships, offering them practical assistance with their needs and issues and thereby improve survival, safety, job prospects and the chance of moving out of homelessness.

Tamad Technologies & Lateral Labs
App: Tamad 
Award Category: Most Innovative Collaborative Technology

In joint venture with Tamad Technologies, Lateral Labs have developed a mobile software application called TAMAD. The app will be able to automate the sending of text messages to Recipients if the App Owner is X minutes away from his destination. The mobile app aims to improve the lives of persons through positive changes in habits using innovative technology. TAMAD will help improve safety on the roads as well as improving logistical efficiency.

Finalists are required to pitch their product to a panel of judges at the judging presentations held during the 18th and 24th of May - winners are announced on the 24 June, 2016 at 25th WAITTA INCITE Awards Gala Presentation Dinner.

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