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How is the iPad app game series we have developed for PLD performing globally in the App Store?

How is the iPad app game series we have developed for PLD performing globally in the App Store?

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Meanwhile, Lateral has been assigned to develop four apps in total for PLD for their category “Learn to Read”. The fourth has been released to the App Store in early September.


The Reading  Games iPad app series Lateral has developed for PLD, helping teachers and parents teaching literacy to 3-11 year old children

What is PLD?

PLD, founded by the renowned Australian Speech Pathologist and Educator Diana Rigg, is the abbreviation for PromotingLiteracy Development. The team at PLD provides teachers as well as parents with services and resources to enhance literacy learning outcomes for children between 3 and 11 years of age. Typical physical resources are activity cards, worksheets, posters and assessment sheets, used in the classroom and at home.

Diana had the idea for a series of paid iPad game apps as a digital addition to the traditionally used resources. It is no substitute, but complements the traditional materials as more and more children and teachers utilize iPads in their learning endeavour. Read more in this case study.

The apps are offered for AUD 4.99 each in Apple’s AppStore and $2.50 if bought in bulk through Apple’s Volume Purchasing Programme (VPP), specifically designed for Educational Organisations.

Why a series of four Reading Apps?

The Reading Apps are designed to assist teachers and parents with the instruction of early decoding.

The app series reflect PLD’s learning process, increasing in complexity; as reading is broken into four steps, four apps were needed for the following reading sub categories (see page 28 at PLD’s current catalogue):

a)     CVC – regular alphabetic decodable Consonant – Vowel – Consonant words (for example “hat”)

b)    CVC words which contain early phonic concepts – sh, ch, th, oo, ee and ck (for example “fish”)

c)    CCVC words (Consonant – Consonant  –  Vowel – Consonant) (for example “crab”) and CVCC words (Consonant –Vowel – Consonant  –  Consonant) (for example “hand”)

d)    Basic words containing the phonic concepts ar, or, er, ai, ay, all, oi, and oy (for example “spark”).

PLD chose the app’s names “PLD 2P Read 1a”, “PLD 2P Read 1b” and so on as

  • “PLD” reflects the brand name
  • “2P” stands for “two players”
  • “Read” addresses the category Reading (there are others such as Spelling)
  • the number/letter combination stands for the first app in the different reading decoding categories as explained above

We worked closely with PLD’s graphic designer who delivered the look and feel, while we covered the technical part to put the app idea into reality.

Meanwhile we have finished the development of the Reading App series for PLD, have released them to Apple’s App Store and had a look at their overall performance. This time, we not only had a look at the Australian App Store, but globally. Utilising App Annie as analysing tool, we figured out the highest ranks reached so far, concentrating on the Top 100:

PLD’s Reading App Performance in the category “Word” globally

Highest reached rankings for the PLD Reading Apps in the App Store in the category Word globally as of 05/11/14

We can see

  • the PLD Reading Apps have not only reached high rankings in Australia and New Zealand, but also world-wide, especially in European countries; in Austria, the first Reading app (1a) was even number one shortly after its release
  • in Australia, the highest ranking so far is no. 3
  • the first Reading App (1a) has reached the highest rankings in five countries in Australasia under the Top Five
  • the second Reading App (1b) has also reached rankings under the Top Five (Australia and New Zealand), with an interesting number six in the United Arab Emirates
  • the subsequent two Reading Apps (1c, 1d) have scored two rankings in the Top Ten each in Ireland and Australia

Congratulations to the PLD team on this positive performance worldwide!

Have you used PLD’s Reading Apps? If so, please write reviews in the App Store as reviews provided by people who actually have used the apps helps others to decide if they should download the iPad app.

In case you also want to have an app developed for your app ideacontact us and see how we can help.

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