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The Only Way Is App: A Guide To Developing A Successful App

The Only Way Is App: A Guide To Developing A Successful App

Alyka Admin | 19/11/2018
The Only Way Is App: A Guide To Developing A Successful App

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app but not sure where to start? These days smartphone users have literally thousands of apps to choose from and, by following our simple guide, your app might just be one of them. Developing a mobile app may seem a little intimidating to some, but it doesn’t need to be. Here at Lateral, our team has put together all the nuts and bolts you need to consider when first developing a mobile app.

Plan ahead

Before you even think about jumping into app development, you’ll need to lay the groundwork first. Research the field thoroughly and make sure your app is unique and has a point-of-difference that is unlike anything else out there on the market. There’s no point in going to all the effort of developing a new app if it’s already available.  You’ll need to thoroughly research any potential competitors to see what you’re up against too. This is also the time to think about what your strategy will be, as well as set yourself a realistic budget and timeframe, and think about how you will procure any monetary returns from your users.

Designing your new app

Once you’ve completed your research, now comes the fun part - the design. When creating your app, you’ll need to take a whole range of factors into consideration, including aesthetics, usability and responsiveness - in other words, you’ll need to design and keep testing it with your end-user in mind. Remember that you are competing with a plethora of other mobile apps, so yours will need to stand out while being user-friendly and intuitive to your end-users’ needs. There are a range of apps that allow you to test your prototype prior to going to the expense of getting it made by your developer, so make sure you use them.

Technical proficiency

Do you know your front-end from your back-end? No? Then it will probably be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics of HTML, CSS and coding. This is the building-blocks of creating your app, and will help enormously when collaborating with your developer. This will all be dependant on whether you are creating the app for iOS or Android, as different applications will be used to build your new app.


Now that your pride and joy is designed for optimal usability, it’s time to bring the developers in. Before hiring an app developer, make sure you’ve done your homework first to ensure they have the skills and experiences needed to get the job done right, first time. At Lateral, we have been devising customised technological software for the people of Perth for over thirty years - read more about our app development work here.

For more information on how to create and develop the perfect mobile app, contact one of the experienced team at Lateral’s Perth headquarters today on 1300 764 170.

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