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Bots Is The Business

Bots Is The Business

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What are bots?
Not sure what a bot is or how it affects you? Don’t worry bots are awesome and we are going to explain exactly what they do. A bot is a software application that can perform a large amount of automated tasks in a short amount of time. Most commonly, these little critters are used to crawl the web looking for files and information. Alternatively you may know of chatbots such as Siri with the aim to complete a task without you having to do anything.  
What uses bots/where can I find bots?
Some great uses for bots are to:

  • Give you customised news, sending you the information you want as soon as it is published.
  • Provide you with notifications such as weather alerts.
  • Connect people who want to discuss the same topic or have similar interests.
  • Offer available information to your clients and a guided user experience.
Bots are almost everywhere, waiting, lurking. We are living in a time where bots drive more than 60% of web traffic but do not be afraid. Most of them are completing menial tasks that would take a human too long to process.
A lot of the time a bot will find you. They’ll send you little message, notification or a window will pop up for you to ask a question. On the hand they act in the background scanning the web for relevant websites and information. What are the pros and cons of bots you may ask? We have compiled a swift list below for you to scan through:
Pros of bots
  • Businesses can connect with customers through automated response tools.
  • Saves you money on staff.
  • They can work 24/7.
  • They can handle large volumes of customer communications.
Cons of bots
  • You lose that personal touch as bots can sometimes sound very automated.
  • Consumers may mistake your bots for malicious bots if they have had a bad experience previously.
  • Not all bots are compatible across all devices.
  • Bots can be a little temperamental at times.
Now we come to our closing thoughts on this topics? Could it be true? Are bots the beginning of the Future...?
Well, bots have the ability to do things that are too time consuming for people. They can also work 24/7 so we don’t have to. These little things are far from having the intelligence for problem solving that we have but they have their place and the smarter we get the more intelligent we can make them! So yes, it could quiet possibly be true...these may be the future starting yesterday!

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