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How Apps Are Changing Healthcare

How Apps Are Changing Healthcare

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Medical providers now have more tools than ever to increase efficiency, productivity and help lessen their impact on the environment. Not to mention the now vast amount of medical information and education available. At the forefront of these benefits is the humble iPad and the apps that it has to offer.

  1. Reducing administrative and medical costs
Automating outdated functions is a great way that apps are reducing administrative costs. Currently, there is an increasing push to automate anything that is at present processed via phone contact. Consumers are beginning to expect that level of self-service. Moving client documents online not only reduces production and distribution costs but gives clients complete access to their medical information any time anywhere. An amazing benefit from this should see the cuts passed on to the clients making healthcare more affordable for everyone!
  1. Patient education
Apps have also become an increasingly important tool in patient education. Now patients are able to log their progress and access information about medical conditions and drug treatment. One app at the forefront of this sort of technology is an app that is being tested in Idaho which can explain tests such as CT scans and MRIs to children in the form of videos. The app also has question and answer functionality to better facilitate their learning.
  1. Eco-friendly hospitals and doctor’s offices
Previously the healthcare industry has been a paper based industry. These days most healthcare practices are going paperless. The iPad is even replacing the clipboard! It’s not yet happening everywhere but a lot of places are using it for clients to forms and questionnaires electronically before an appointment. This means no more messy filing cabinets and less paper needing to be archived or binned.
  1. Apps for surgery
This explosive growth for medical applications has seen some apps becoming so advanced that they can be used by doctors and patients to estimate risks of heart surgery. This app aims to help medical professionals and students prep for procedures. The increase in new apps promises to fundamentally change the healthcare industry and offer an array of resources and abilities to healthcare professionals that have not previously been seen.
At Lateral we are so excited to see the remarkable impact technology is having on the world around us. The robust solutions that are being offered by app development in the medical community are only growing. We hope to contribute to making healthcare in the vanguard of everything tech.  

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