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Is Cloud Migration The Correct Way Forward For Your Business?

Is Cloud Migration The Correct Way Forward For Your Business?

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The cloud is the new buzz word that is confusing most people in 2016. Thinking of migrating  to Cloud computing technology? You are not alone, today storing company files on a cloud has become something that every business uses or plans to in the near future. However if you do not work in IT, making that decision might be a bit of a mindboggling process. There has been a large push for cloud migration amongst the computing community. Therefore it is imperative for every business to make this decision based on what is best for you. Since the benefits of cloud computing are so fantastic, lets talk about them.

  1. Say hello to Reduced Hardware Costs: Whether your IT infrastructure consists of just a couple of computers or a hundred, with the cloud you know long need the hardware or the space to store it.
  2. Only pay for what you use: The cloud is flexible and only charges you for the space you are using. Therefore it can increase or decrease easily based on the flow of your work.  
  3. Access from innumerable locations and devices: Users can access software from anywhere there is an internet connection. This is particularly for businesses wanting to expand geographically. 
  4. Lowered costs when compared to traditional servers: Most cloud providers take care of all tracking and upgrading. This automisation is another thing you don’t have to worry about.
  5. Data recovery is a breeze: The ability to automatically back up your data any place, any time is invaluable. The recovery of data when your traditional hard drive crashes is either not possible or a waste of valuable company resources.
  6. Version Control & Sharing capabilities: We talked about documents accessibility, lets shed some light of sharing documents too. All your precious documents and files can be emailed, and shared whenever required. So when your colleague is sick, you can still view their shared files.
Now that we know some of the key pros, lets have a look at some of the disadvantages of cloud computing.
  1. Is your information extremely sensitive? If so this data may not be able to be stored in the cloud.
  2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! - If you are happy with your current program maybe it is not worth changing.
  3. Some proprietary technology cannot legal be stored on the cloud.
  4. Clients may not respond to the idea well if they are afraid of change.
The benefits of flexibility, cost efficiency, remote access and automisation are extremely tempting. Pros and cons aside cloud computing has become an almost mandatory part of every business data warehouse. If you are in favour of cloud migration and wanting to take the dive, it is essential that you have a well devised migration strategy to make the transition as smooth as possible. Make sure you seek advice and get real professionals to help devise and implement your cloud migration strategy.  

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