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The Importance Of Having Mobile Apps For Small Business

The Importance Of Having Mobile Apps For Small Business

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There has been an exponential growth in the number of smartphone users as online activity continues to shift to mobile. An increase in access and promise has meant that, in today's society, we are more time poor than ever. Consumers want their information fast, free and able to be accessed whilst on the go. Making a responsive website is no longer enough. The time it takes for someone to search your website is too long. This is why apps are becoming a necessity for small businesses.
It used to be considered that mobile apps were only for the big businesses and social media platforms but now you’ll see the smallest shops, local cafe’s, beauty spas and more all have their own person app and these are some of the reason why.

  1. Loyalty
One of the best reasons for creating an app for your business is to maintain customer loyalty. There has been a big move away from email marketing as a lot of consumers view it as spam. Giving customers who download your app access to exclusive deals, early bird specials and more can be a great way to increase your return customers  so that your brand or product is part of their daily, weekly or monthly routine. This not only increases engagement but also boosts customer satisfaction.
  1. Bookings
People are drawn to mobile apps that provide a value such as being able to book a service. This all comes down to convenience. Consumers are increasingly used to filling out an online form then making a phone call and supplying information. Having the added value of prefilled forms or repeat appointments makes the busy modern person’s day a whole lot easier. Push notifications are an amazing app feature that can allow you to remind your client when they are coming up to a booking or ask them if they would like to make a booking.
  1. Cardless payments
Imagine if one day we had no use for wallets. With the amount of apps that are solving this problem, we may not have to. Many apps these days are letting you order your product or service and pay through the app. This gives you trackable spending options as well which means you can skip the queue at your local coffee shop.
  1. Geo-targeting
Integrating geotargeting into your mobile app can open your options to deliver more succinct messages to your consumers. This will mean delivering location specific and time sensitive communications with the aim to reach them when they are at the optimum time in the decision-making process. The main objective here is to improve customer experience. 
If this is an area that your business would like more information on, Lateral is here to help. No problem is too big that it can’t be solved with a little bit of lateral thinking. 

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