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Our Mobile Developer Tim presented at /dev/world in Melbourne this week

Our Mobile Developer Tim presented at /dev/world in Melbourne this week

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devworld-logo-300x156.jpg The /dev/world conference took place in Melbourne on 29/30th of September 2014

Over two days (29/30th September), 27 presentations were held. One of them was given by Lateral’s iOS specialist Tim.

Tim is one of Lateral’s qualified Apple specialists. As written before, we recently gained membership in the Apple Consultant Network ACN as WA’s first qualified organisation for Mobility Solutions and Mobility Deployment. Tim is also an active member of the Perth iOS developer group on

While his colleagues of our Perth-based office along the rest of WA had a public holiday celebrating Queen’s Birthday, Tim attended the sold-out conference and shared his knowledge in Melbourne with other developers coming from all over Australia.



He presented on “Graphics Optimisation on iOS” including techniques on writing code at the near hardware level to achieve incredibly smooth performance, something that needs to be taken into account for all app development. If app interfaces are not responsive (a prime example of this is when users physically rotate their devices), or when scrolling and suddenly it freezes, the code should be analysed for bottlenecks and subsequently improved upon.

Tim elaborated on how to identify these bottlenecks in the code and shared tips and tricks from his practical experience. The result of this sometimes tedious process which requires attention to detail, is a smooth, polished app that the users just like.

/dev/world, now in its seventh year, was valuable to Tim not only as a presenter, he also enjoyed learning from others at the conference about App Store trends, tips and techniques for prototyping and to mingle with other developers at a national level.

On a side note, Tim who has taught before at Perth’s ECU, was delighted to see that Melbourne’s RMIT University, where the conference was held, announced they want to put more emphasis on Macs and iOS in addition to their existing Windows equipment.

The next /dev/world will be held in 2015. It is open to everyone, but if you’re in the iOS or Mac developer community, this is definitely the conference to go to.


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