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Giving Back to the Community: 2015’s successful applicants for pro bono work

Giving Back to the Community: 2015’s successful applicants for pro bono work

Giving Back to the Community: 2015’s successful applicants for pro bono work

The Special Olympics and Safety House WA were chosen because both organisations have app ideas that will add value to their organisations and improve the services they provide to the community.  Both projects are estimated to receive between $50-$150k worth of pro bono work.
Here’s an overview of what will be happening with these projects.

The Special Olympics project 

SpecialOlympicsWAx138-(2).pngThe Special Olympics is a not-for-profit organisation that gives children and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in a variety of Olympic-style sports and events. Special Olympics not only endeavours to help participants reach their personal best, but also to assist them and their families to develop new skills, inspire courage, and forge new friendships. 

The Special Olympics needed a way to promote their events to participants and their parents instantly, as well as keeping them informed and encourage further involvement. Lateral have committed to delivering an iOS and Android app that will seamlessly connect to their database so users receive event updates and news instantly. The app is designed so it can be easily managed and updated by the Special Olympic administrators.  
The challenge for this project is ensuring that the applications are very clear, simple, and can be easily used by both carers and athletes. To do this, Lateral will work closely with the great staff at Special Olympics to ensure the app delivers a great user experience for both parties. 
We are looking forward to both working on this project and delivering a bespoke application that will help improve communications between Special Olympics and their athletes, as well as increasing community involvement. 

Safety House WA Project

SafetyHouseWA-(1).pngThe Safety House WA works with the public to build a safer environment for children in their local community. The first safety house program in WA started in July, 1983 and had residential and commercial safe houses located throughout WA. The safe houses are there to assist children in need and offer them protection when they feel unsafe. 
Lateral have chosen to provide pro bono work to the Safety House WA as they provide a critical service to the community and to the kids of WA. We will be providing them with a new responsive website and content management system. With a new and improved website, the Safety House WA will have the ability to attract more volunteers into the program, as well as entice not-for-profit investment.  
Safety House WA provides such an important service to the kids of WA; we are honoured to be helping such a great cause.   

Giving back to the Community

The directors at Lateral believe in giving back to the society and believe that, as a business, it is essential to contribute to Conscious Capitalism in Australia in order to maintain and improve the community we live in. 
To apply for pro-bono work, simply contact us or express an interest through Volunteering WA.

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