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Lateral + NCX Trading Platform

Lateral + NCX Trading Platform

Industry : FinTech
Client : NCX
Services Used: Cloud Computing


NCX is a global trading platform built to be robust, secure, scalable and deployed in any geographic location at a rapid pace. The NCX platform has to be a marketplace where investors, traders and everyday people can buy and sell with peace of mind.

The unique corporate structure is to setup locally registered exchanges adhering to local regulations and local laws. This in turn allows NCX to operate an individual exchange platform in each country. The current exchanges are located in Australia, Singapore and Croatia, with plans to launch others in Thailand and South Korea. The geographical nature of the exchanges is strategic to the vision and direction of the group.


Lateral architected, developed and implemented a state of the art, industrial strength trading platform that met NCX’s needs.

The application was built to a Micro Services Architecture the components are individually auto scalable and deployed as Docker Images and the entire solution is scheduled, orchestrated, deployed by Kubernetes.

The entire solution has been built using Infrastructure as Code so that it can rapidly be rolled out to any datacentre worldwide.

It utilises the latest advancements in Cloud technology available on Alibaba Cloud’s platform worldwide.

Our Expert Take

Lateral uses the latest Infrastructure as Code (IaC) processes to manage and provision the entire platform. This greatly improves resilience. The entire solution can move from one availability zone to another in minutes. We can also deploy the entire platform to a new country in days.

By using Alibaba Cloud, Lateral has been able to reduce NCX’s operational load, freeing resources to spend more time adding value to the business. Crucially, the faster, more efficient infrastructure cuts costs without the need for long-term commitments, thanks to Alibaba Cloud’s innovative pricing and sustained usage discounts.

The service and support provided by the Alibaba Cloud team has been exceptional with the added benefit of 30% in cost savings over the previous cloud hosting provider.

If you would like to hear more about the endless possibilities of working with Lateral why not click through to hear about our previous work with NCX and Alibaba Cloud around software development and cloud applications.

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