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5 Signs Your Business Needs to Start Running Regular Security Audits ASAP


As the vast digital landscape continues to expand and move forward, so too do the advancements of hackers that prey on the vulnerabilities of businesses. From entering financial information online and shopping on various platforms to sharing personal details on social media, any business that overlooks cyber security policies is making it easy for hackers to access their sensitive data. And just like that, you run the risk of exposing precious data from your customers and losing their trust, leaving you trying to rectify the security breach and paying the resulting costs.

2023 was full of cyberattacks, with a staggering 72% increase in data breaches since 2021, reaching a total of 2,365 cyberattacks just last year. Running regular security audits is critical to safeguarding your business’ data. Conducting routine security audits is essential for identifying vulnerabilities, maintaining compliance with regulations, and ensuring the ongoing protection of sensitive information. Introducing a cyber security audit checklist can be a pivotal first step for businesses to systematically evaluate their cyber security measures, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a robust defence against cyber threats.

But what does a security audit checklist entail exactly?

Security Audits are conducted by experts and involve a process of gathering and analysing data to identify any risks or vulnerabilities that your business might have, including internal audits that assess the effectiveness of internal controls, processes, and procedures. These audits thoroughly assess your network nodes and security controls, measures, practices, and management, evaluating your organisation's security controls to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. After careful evaluation, your business will then be able to plan a course of action to address these identified weak spots, fortifying your data security practices. The goal of these audits is to improve your organisation's security posture, ensuring a strong defence against data breaches and maintaining customer trust.

Remember: lack of preparation is preparation for failure.

Running these security audits regularly ensures that, as your business grows, your network security readily adapts and your sensitive data stays protected, allowing you to scale seamlessly with the peace of mind that your business is well on its way to greater success.

And with that, here are 5 signs that it’s time to run a security audit for your business:

Your Software or Systems are Outdated

Software updates are absolutely essential to maintaining your data’s cyber security. Tech trends come and go just like the seasons, so regular updates equip your business with the latest tools and practices. Keep in mind that digital advancements also come with upgraded technology that hackers utilise to get through your system. So, if you’re unsure whether your software is up-to-date, it’s time for an audit to assess any security gaps.

Unusual Network Activity  

If you’re experiencing unusual network activity, such as access attempts from different locations or perhaps a suspicious transaction, these are signs that your business might have caught the eye of hackers that are attempting to breach your system. As these occurrences grow more frequent, it’s imperative to conduct regular security audits, including a thorough vulnerability assessment, to identify and prioritise remediation efforts for any potential vulnerabilities. This systematic process helps stop any cyberattacks from ensuing by addressing security weaknesses proactively.

You’ve Experienced a Data Breach Before

If your business was previously hacked or has experienced a breach, conducting a security audit will prevent the possibility of a subsequent cyberattack. This is especially important if you have not taken any preventative actions after the breach. However, this does not discredit the absolute need to have a security audit even if your business has not experienced any cyberattacks.

Your Business Does Not Have an Incident Response Plan

Should a data breach occur, lacking a cybersecurity plan for such situations compromises your business. The first minutes of a cyberattack are pivotal and hinge upon your response. To devise an effective cybersecurity plan, a security audit helps you identify areas that will require certain actions during a breach, also enabling you to have the right tools and resources to keep your business protected.

Your Business Does Not Comply with Security Standards  

There is a reason why there are standards set in place - your compliance with global security measures minimises your business’ chances of experiencing a cyberattack. These measures ensure that your system is up to par with the latest safeguards, which fully equips you to protect your business. To ensure that your cybersecurity is rock solid, security audits help unveil any vulnerabilities in every aspect of your business. This provides key insights into your business’s level of compliance with security standards, further allowing you to solidify your line of defence from the hands of hackers.  

Protect Your Organisation's Security Posture with Lateral

With over 30 years of expertise, our experienced team of developers and analysts have a critical eye for quality. Lateral’s Security Audit is a thorough process that provides invaluable insights into any areas that are vulnerable that could pose a security threat. A key component of this process is risk assessment, which plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating potential security risks by evaluating your organisation's security risk profile, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, and making recommendations for improving your security posture. Additionally, conducting regular vulnerability assessments is vital as part of the audit process to systematically identify and address security weaknesses before they are exploited. Our expert team is dedicated to providing your business and software with the security that it needs to ensure protection in our modern world. Through regular security audits, you can further fortify your cybersecurity while maintaining the highest level of protection, even as your business grows.

Get in touch with us for a Security Audit! Together, we’ll pave the way to your business’s success, free from risks and threats.

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