AI & Machine Learning Software Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are on the cutting edge of what experts are calling the “4th Industrial Revolution”. As the name suggests, this revolution in computing has the potential to be every bit as significant as the invention of the steam engine in terms of the impact that it will have on the global economy and, in turn, the lives of the people in it. Some industry specialists have predicted that by 2034 as much as 47% of all jobs in developed economies could become automated. The choice is clear - get on board early or risk being left behind by the competition.

AI software solutions are transforming organisations all over the world by enabling them to unlock new sources of value creation, solve complex problems and accelerate innovation. Similarly, machine learning is being deployed to make the best use of large amounts of digital data, drive new business opportunities and achieve greater performance levels.

What’s the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses various strategies and techniques that bestow machines with human-like capabilities. From smart assistants like Alexa to self-driving cars and robotic vacuum cleaners, AI permeates diverse applications. One of the branches of AI is Machine Learning (ML), which involves developing algorithms and statistical models enabling computer systems to accomplish complex tasks autonomously, without explicit instructions. ML relies on identifying patterns and making inferences from vast amounts of historical data. It's important to note that while Machine Learning is a part of AI, not all AI applications involve Machine Learning.

AI & machine learning applications and benefits include

  • Replacing traditional rule-based processes with intelligent ones that can discover new patterns in large, unstructured data sets and make strategic suggestions & predictions without instructions.
  • Improved customer experience and service by using intelligent assistants to reduce the time it takes to address customer queries and concerns.
  • A better understanding of the data patterns that affect important business events and the ability to use this information to provide relevant insights.
  • Experiencing faster decision making through the use of advanced algorithms to dive process automation.
  • Achieving improved innovation and growth by using data patterns to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Experiencing faster business acceleration through the creation of faster work flows, more efficient business processes and the ability to scale up your business more quickly.

With such a wide range of possible applications, no matter what industry you’re in the chances are that there’s and AI or machine learning process that could be applied to your business that would help give it the edge. As Perth’s leading custom software developers, we are uniquely placed to be able to understand your business needs and both develop and deliver the right solutions.

The world is right on the edge of a computing technology revolution, so get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can make the most of its incredible potential right now.


AI & Machine Learning FAQ’s

Which Field of Artificial Intelligence is in-Demand?

Artificial Intelligence or AI, is at the vanguard of what is being termed the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, with its ability to mimic human cognitive function at an unprecedented scale making it a major driver of efficiency and productivity. AI is able to quickly solve complex problems, and is accelerating innovation while also opening up new avenues for value creation. 
AI is constantly evolving, but some of the most in-demand fields include:


Chatbots are a form of AI that most of us have encountered in our day-to-day lives. They help to streamline communications and provide answers to simple questions without the involvement of real people, while directing more specialised requests to the right team members. Both processes maximise the efficiency of a company and its workforce by fielding questions and only directly involving team members where necessary, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Virtual Assistants

Another field of AI that most people have first hand experience with are virtual assistants. They allow us to easily program reminders and receive assistance in performing many clerical tasks, such as note-taking, dictation, and accessing information from databases. Generally speaking, virtual assistants become more effective as they receive more input from their users, learning to understand and respond to predictable patterns of behavior.

Machine Learning Software

When we think about AI, Machine learning is probably what comes to mind for most of us, with it being one of those rare instances in which an idea straight out of science-fiction has become a reality, Machine learning is the process by which AI uses algorithms to process data sets, understand their implications, and then use this knowledge to inform future decisions, all with minimal assistance from human actors.

Deep Learning Software

Under the broad umbrella of Machine learning, deep learning specifically seeks to mimic the cognitive processes of the human brain by creating artificial neural networks. These networks are extended and strengthened by being fed high levels of input, usually in the form of text, images, or other data. From these inputs, the deep learning software learns to better analyse future inputs, ultimately surpassing the accuracy and speed with which humans are able to do so exponentially.  

What Software is Used for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Across these fields of AI, there is an ever-expanding number of software packages available, catering to every kind of business, from new start-ups with small budgets to established companies making big profits. For chatbots, there is Zendesk, HubSpot, and Sprinklr, while for virtual assistants, there is Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Examples of machine learning software include Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Azure Machine Learning Studio, and H20 IA, all of which feature comprehensive deep learning functionality.  
AI and machine learning offer ample opportunity for you to modernise the way you work. Get in touch today so we can help you identify the best fit for your enterprise.