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IKEA Standing Desk

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A few of the Lateral developers put together an IKEA standing desk over Christmas based on the design detailed on lifehacker.

  • LACK Side Table: $8.95
  • EKBY Robert brackets: $24.00
  • EKBY Mossby shelf: $39.95
  • Screws from home: $0

Total: $72.90

We went for a classy black/stainless steel finish which pushed the price up a little, but it still falls a fair way short of $1500+ for commercial alternatives. The goal is to have the desk available for team members to spend an hour or two standing each day if desired – so far the interest has been quite encouraging. One issue we’ve found so far is that the shelf height doesn’t suit all developers, and we end up using combinations of boxes for adjustment – an adjustable keyboard shelf may be a worthwhile addition. An anti-fatigue mat is also on the wish-list.

Standing Desk Lateral’s IKEA Standing Desk

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