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What is C# Programing & What Are Its Strengths?

What is C# Programing & What Are Its Strengths?

What is C#?

C# (pronounced C sharp like the musical note) is a widely used programming language created in the year 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg as a rival to Java. It’s a general-purpose language designed for developing apps on the Microsoft platform and requires the .NET framework on Windows to work.

What are its Strengths?

It’s Complex Yet Easy To Learn

C# has lots of features that make it relatively easy to learn (at least when compared with some other coding languages). It’s a high level language that’s easy to read and has many of its most complex tasks abstracted away so that you don’t have to worry about them. The fact that it’s a statically-typed language also makes it easier to find errors.

That being said, it’s still a complex programming language and mastering it can take more time and effort than more simple languages like Python.

Game & App Development

While it can be used to create pretty much anything, C# is especially good in the development of Windows desktop applications and games. It can also be used to develop apps as well and has become increasingly popular for mobile development.

C# is also used to create games using the world’s most popular game engine: Unity. More than a third of the top games are made with Unity and there are currently around 770 million active users of games created using the engine. As such it makes a great choice for programmers looking to break into the game development or virtual reality industries.

Power & Flexibility

The fact that C# is a powerful, flexible and well-supported language has lead it to become one of the world’s most most popular programming languages in a relatively short space of time. This means that it’s able to be used in the development of a wide variety of different applications and people looking to harness its potential are able to draw on a widely available pool of talent.

C#, Lateral And You

At Lateral, our expert team of programming ninjas have well and truly mastered the C# dark arts and are ready and waiting to put them to good use developing an amazing program or application for you. As it’s relatively simple to use, C# can also represent a highly cost effective method of development when deployed by an experienced set of hands. To find out more about what our C# expertise can do for you, just get in touch with us today! We promise we’ll try not to get too nerdy with you (unless you’re into that sort of thing).


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