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Common business challenges you didn't know could be solved with a custom app solution


Common business challenges you didn't know could be solved with a custom app solution

Running a business can be just as challenging as it is rewarding! But did you know, some of these challenges can be easily solved through a custom mobile app?

While mobile apps are making their way all around the world in different sectors, there are businesses, to this day, that are still ambivalent about implementing mobile apps in their processes. However, there is a good reason for its lightning-fast growth globally.

Why mobile apps are good for your business

In today’s vibrant digital world, mobile apps have significant value. According to Statista, the total number of mobile users will reach over 5.98 billion by 2025; that’s almost a staggering 71% of the world’s population! On top of that, mobile apps are predicted to generate US$9,935 billion through paid downloads and in-app advertising by 2023.

The mobile app industry proves to be promising in the coming years, with more and more businesses investing in mobile apps to go digital and streamline their processes. As apps for companies of all sizes become increasingly vital, so do the options for your app development. Custom apps tailored to your requirements will always be the smart choice! It will perfectly fit your workflow and needs, specifically designed to power your business and its processes. Your own custom app will be able to solve your everyday problems!

1. Efficient data management

Data is vital to every business, but managing your data manually slows down your workflow and leaves room for error and inaccuracies.

One of the benefits of mobile apps for business is the immense help in managing data. A custom mobile app can be developed to cater to your data processing needs by automating and speeding up data collection, letting you receive data in real-time! With just a few taps on your phone, you and your team can simply send and receive information no matter where you are.

This can power different facets of your business, from documentation to customer reviews, enhancing your user experience and overall workflow.

2. Seamless remote working

As we settle into the new normal, the prevalence of remote working allows everyone freedom and flexibility. On the other hand, it can be hard to keep in touch with your team and be updated with the latest information or status of a job. As a result, efficiency and productivity may be impacted and even cause miscommunication among your team.

A custom mobile app gives you and your employees a way to communicate and update each other, allowing you to work together seamlessly! A good example of a custom mobile app is a platform that lets you and your team update the progress of their work, share files and comments, and post announcements to inform everyone. This allows easy monitoring and employee supervision, ensuring projects are delivered on time.

Mobile apps have powered countless businesses that went digital and adapted to the new normal of remote working, allowing them to keep up and prevent their business from shutting down.

3. Exceptional customer relationships and experiences

With more and more users accessing the internet using their mobile phones, it is absolutely essential to optimise your online presence for mobile. That is why businesses turn to mobile apps to enhance their customer experience.

A slow-loading, clunky website as your sole online presence and platform to connect with customers only does a disservice to your business, not to mention sales. A custom mobile app allows you to seamlessly integrate data, products, and services through simple yet powerful features.

Another challenge that a custom mobile app can solve is building your relationship with your customers. To garner customers is one thing, but to gain their loyalty is another. Mobile apps today supercharge customer relationship management by providing customers with a platform that easily lets them receive customer support and assistance. A custom mobile app can also automate accepting applications, provide answers to FAQs, and enable additional options and services.

4. Successful marketing tools

Launching a new product? Offering a new service to your customers? Effective marketing is one of the many challenges a custom mobile app can easily solve!

With the popularity of mobile apps amongst consumers, it has become crucial for businesses to develop a mobile app that functions as a marketing tool. You can give in-depth information about your products and services and launch different promotional activities on your mobile app. This also allows you to connect with your customers, giving insight into how to target users on your ads.

5. Secure supply chain management

Through a custom mobile app, you can further improve your supply chain management’s security and efficiency. Mobile apps can ensure secure access to data, allow monitoring of shipments, inventory, and order tracking.

Custom mobile apps offer an efficient and intuitive platform for logistics. Products and information can instantly be shared with features that streamline communication, making the supply chain more efficient.

Lateral custom business app solutions

Founded in 1986, we have over 35 years’ worth of experience and expertise. Equipped with a wealth of experience in bespoke software development in Perth, we have helped businesses nationwide and internationally solve their business problems with custom mobile app development in various industries.

We have successfully helped businesses through app development that has achieved increased productivity, data integrity, information accessibility, and more efficiency. Whether you’re looking for iOS developers, Android developers, or a combination of the two, we can help build a custom app solution to suit your needs.

We work closely with you during the iterative development process, provide prototypes early, and include your feedback while your custom mobile app development project evolves. Our main goal is to develop the perfect mobile app to power your processes and catapult your business to success!

Let’s bring your app to life together.

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