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Simplifying Complex Machine Learning Projects with Lateral


Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in particular, have been gaining traction as go-to tools for business improvement in recent years. Given the many benefits of Machine Learning, including its ability to streamline workflows, perform complex tasks and create more cost-effective processes, it’s no surprise that it's the talk of the town especially with the explosion of tools like ChatGPT using language models for natural language processing.

With the rapid growth of Machine Learning models and businesses catching on to these advanced technologies, a lot of us have probably experienced the brilliance of Machine Learning without even realising it! Take your email’s spam detection or Facebook’s automatic photo tag suggestions - these are all examples of Machine Learning algorithms in practice.

Machine learning is a type of computer science where computers are trained to learn from data and build artificial neural networks based on their learning. Rather than being explicitly programmed to perform a task, they instead use current and historical data to make predictions or decisions without being specifically coded to do so. Think of it as teaching a computer to recognise patterns in the same way you might teach a dog to do tricks: with practice and repetition.

Learn more about the ins and outs of artificial intelligence and the field of machine learning solutions here.

However, not all businesses are choosing to make use of Machine Learning models. Many are holding back implementing Machine Learning, either because they perceive it as too costly or complex to develop a machine learning model that suits their application.

In this blog, we’re here to show you that it’s possible to simplify complex Machine Learning projects with the new generation of tools. Allow us to walk you through several case studies of projects we have worked on for our clients across a diverse range of industries - sit tight, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

Examples of Machine Learning

Measuring 3D Objects using 2D Pictures

3D Measure Me is a platform allowing users to create 3D avatars and get accurate body measurements using their phones. The resulting avatars and measurements are used in fashion, health and fitness, insurance, gaming, AR and the Metaverse. The user takes 4 pictures with their smartphone camera and enters their height and gender. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems use neural networks, object detection algorithms and predictive models to create an avatar and calculate body measurements at 70 points with 99% accuracy.

Assessing Dust Levels on Conveyor Belts

For this project in Port Hedland we set up smart cameras for high-speed machine vision applications at a facility with outdoor conveyor belts. The Proof of Concept was to assist in the identification of conveyor belts that contribute to dust levels and hence assist in a reduction in airborne contaminant levels and assessing belt cleaning and dust suppression system efficacy. The smart cameras are capable of running complex models on the device itself. It takes images periodically and feeds it through a computer vision model that is capable of identifying a conveyor belt and determining its cleanliness level at each point in time. The project also uses Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services for training of the models.

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In an era marked by the immense potential of AI and Machine Learning technology across diverse industries, the scope for innovation knows no bounds. As Perth's premier custom software developers, we are at the forefront of this transformation and thus have an unrivaled comprehension of your business' software needs. Our expertise in conceptualising and executing tailored solutions means we have the practical knowledge to seamlessly align your objectives with the dynamic landscape of AI.

As we stand on the brink of a computing technology revolution, the time to harness the remarkable capabilities available is now. Connect with us to embark on a journey that unlocks the full spectrum of Machine Learning opportunities and propels your business towards success.

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