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Why you need to simplify your tech stack with a complex integration solution

Why you need to simplify your tech stack with a complex integration solution

In our ever-evolving world, businesses are increasingly powered by a range of technology. These software systems are the engine that drives your company's function and growth; however, an overabundance of technology can quickly become complicated. 

Consider the example of a financial company that offers money lending services. This business will require data analysis products and automation tools for a faster loan-closing process. And let’s not forget about security! This company will have to acquire risk aversion software and top products for cybersecurity. The list goes on! This creates a complex web of systems that can actually slow down your business.

The solution to a complex web of systems is to simplify and integrate your tech stack. Before we delve into complex integration solutions (it’s simpler than it sounds), let’s get on the same page. 

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What is a tech stack?

Your tech stack is the different layers of technology you use each day at work. This can be further defined as a collection of software services that are stacked to build your business and keep it running. The term “stack” is used because high-level technologies are built upon lower-level technologies to function; they are stacked on top of each other much like a pyramid.

To paint a clearer picture, let’s examine a sales tech stack. A sales team requires different technologies to function, including CRM software, file-sharing tools, and brand management software, to name a few. Stacked together, you have a powerful sales force!

Did you know!? There are tech stacks that are so popularly used that they are coined with acronyms! A common example is LAMP, which consists of four open-source software components: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python. Stacked together, this creates a highly functional web application.

The importance of your tech stack

The most significant advantage of having a tech stack is the ability of your different technologies to converse with one another and work as one, streamlining your processes and ultimately boosting efficiency. This is why a properly integrated tech stack not only gives you ease of use but also determines the success of your business as a whole.

Benefits of system integration

While tech stacks are vital to building a business, you will need to ensure that every layer is working harmoniously together. Without proper integration, you will have a complicated and overwhelming system that can do more harm than good. This would mean updating periodically, from security patches to performance updates. When change is made in one element, all technologies in the stack are affected. Keep in mind that not all tools are created by the same company and are not necessarily designed to work with other tools of different companies.

This brings us to systems integration.

Having a simplified system at work will accelerate processes and exponentially decrease the risk of errors. The first step to streamlining your business is properly connecting all your software. This is made possible by a systems integration solution! Keep reading to discover how this solution can elevate your business:

1. Efficient processes and accurate data

An integrated system makes data fetching and processing a breeze! Eliminating the time-consuming process of manually entering data and having a system that automatically updates the central database diminishes error and speeds up your workflow. This gives you peace of mind that your team is synchronised and updated with recent developments. Allowing your team to work together smoothly, no matter where you are! An integrated system also enables you to automate and streamline your business. 

2. Reduce costs and increase ROI

Since you have eliminated the need to enter data manually, this strenuous task can now be accomplished efficiently using the same resources, cutting down on cost! Since your system is integrated, you won’t need additional data storage. Your systems integration solution will categorise any overlapping data for you, saving you extra cost on data storage space. Plus, you’ll be making the most of your software, increasing the ROI. 

3. Stronger security and data protection

An isolated system makes it difficult for cyberattacks to occur. By adding a powerful security tool to your tech stack, you protect your data from the hands of hackers. This is especially effective if you employ different levels of security in your system.

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Case Study: An integrated web-based solution that increased customer satisfaction by 100%

We worked with Honda Motorcycle and Power Equipment to pull all of their enterprise resource planning into one system! They had previously worked with two systems; one covered major equipment, and the other covered parts and warranties. After three months, Lateral developed an integrated web-based solution called “Honda’s Online Ordering System” that allowed their dealers to quickly and easily place their orders. Saying goodbye to manually placing orders through separate systems in a time-consuming process. As a result, the company reduced errors and increased customer satisfaction by 100%!

Read more about our work here.

Lateral system integration software solutions

We provide smart software solutions that ensure your programs will seamlessly work together. With almost 30 years of enterprise-level software development, we can customise this software directly to your needs so that you can have a system that increases your productivity instead of adding to everyone's workloads. 

Instead of compromising on your efficiency by using out-of-the-box packages, our custom integration solution can make the most powerful software work in harmony.

Ready to harmonise your tech stack and sing the song of success? Reach out to our team today.

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