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Perth School Students Given Unique Opportunity To Launch Pet Focused App

Perth School Students Given Unique Opportunity To Launch Pet Focused App

The Just Start IT programme is  a 20 week project allowing students to immerse themselves in the creation of technical solutions to real world problems.

The prize for the Sacred Heart representatives was a chance to collaborate with the team at leading WA based bespoke design agency Lateral to bring their ideas to life. They plan to create an app-based product called Pet Topia, which would enable pet owners to find suitable carers for their pet whilst they go on holiday.

According to Just Start IT programme creator Lainey Weiser, Pet Topia is an online service that pet owners can utilise to find carers for their pets in their local area. Importantly, while the service is technology based, it is very much focussed on providing that “human touch” to ensure chosen candidates are suitable to look after and care for pets.

Pet owners can book carer of their choice and drop their pet off for the period of time agreed upon.
The carer continues to upload updates and photos of the pets to the owners Pet Topia page so that they can check up their beloved animal and receive updates on their welfare. The payment system works similar to that of Ubers’, all of it cashless and performed through a holding account that is attached to card holders of account users. This online integration makes using the programme painless and efficient and allows pet owners to focus solely on finding the perfect carer for their pets.

The Pet Topia team has already commenced work with Lateral and in the coming months will be undertaking a vigorous validation program, prior to the creation of a MVP product.

The team at Lateral will work closely with the Sacred Heart students to assist them in the planning of and building of their application, to ensure users will be able to enjoy a smoother, more well-rounded experience.

“It’s great to see companies such as Lateral getting behind the innovators of tomorrow and sharing their wealth of knowledge in order to help further educate and inspire these students to continue pursuing programme innovation and development,” Mrs Weiser said.

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