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Manual and Inefficient Pre-Start Meetings Challenge Boral

Boral Limited faced challenges with its manual, time-consuming pre-start meeting processes. The responsibility of consolidating and transferring information introduced the risk of lost or miscommunicated data, leading to potential errors and reduced productivity. Boral sought a solution that could streamline these meetings, eliminating reliance on manual tasks and enhancing efficiency.


Responsive Web Application: A Tailored Software for Efficient Pre-Start Meetings

In response to Boral's needs, Lateral developed a cutting-edge responsive web application tailored for pre-start meetings. The software enabled supervisors to consolidate information quickly, creating interactive, visually engaging presentations for their teams. Automation of the process saved time and allowed supervisors to focus on delivering accurate, concise information.

Beyond improving the efficiency of meetings, the application also served as a centralised platform. It stored critical data, such as Daily Plans, Safety Moments, Blast Zones, Emergency Preparedness Procedures, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This information was readily available through the user-friendly interfaces provided by the application. With easy access to this vital data, Boral's team could optimise their time and energy, focusing on productivity and achieving their objectives.


Streamlined Meetings and Improved Accessibility with Custom Software

The implementation of Lateral's custom software marked a significant milestone for Boral. Essential for keeping staff updated, daily pre-start meetings were streamlined, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors. The user-friendly interfaces and centralised data storage of the application ensured that meeting information and other critical data were easily accessible and well-organised.

This successful collaboration between Boral and Lateral exemplifies the transformative power of digital solutions in improving business operations and enhancing productivity.

By leveraging technology to automate and optimise processes, Boral unlocked new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in their daily operations, demonstrating the potential impact of digital solutions on operational performance.

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