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Crown Perth Casino’s Need for an Accessible, Consolidated Parking Management System

In response to its ever-increasing patronage, Crown Perth Casino embarked on an ambitious project to accommodate its guests and enable better access to its facilities: the creation of a 1,500-bay Multi-Level Parking complex. This development was conceived to address the critical need for robust parking management solutions capable of delivering an effortless parking experience, real-time information on parking availability, and effective traffic management.

Moreover, any new system introduced had to be capable of a seamless integration with Crown Perth Casino's existing infrastructure, thereby maintaining the continuity of their operations without causing significant interruptions. This meant that the chosen system had to be compatible with the current software and hardware assets, ensuring that the upgrade could enhance functionality without necessitating a complete technological overhaul.


A User-Friendly, Real-Time Integrated Parking System

Lateral developed the Crown Multi-Level Parking System, providing real-time information on car park capacities and enabling visitors to locate available parking spaces promptly. Parking management systems streamline the parking process, significantly reducing the time drivers spend searching for a spot by monitoring car park capacity levels and the traffic flow of vehicles. These key features improve customer experience while also increasing overall operational efficiency. With digital signs placed strategically throughout the car park, Crown Perth Casino's system displayed essential information such as lane control for efficient traffic flow and vital safety messages.

The system empowered parking attendants with instant updates on any malfunctioning devices requiring maintenance within the facility. Attendants could create custom messages or select from pre-set messages to be displayed on the digital signs, ensuring effective communication with visitors.

The diverse range of hardware suppliers involved necessitated a flexible programming approach. Lateral adapted to the unique requirements of each device type, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility throughout the entire parking facility. This comprehensive strategy resulted in a seamless integration of the parking system with the casino's existing infrastructure.


Seamless Parking Experience and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction at Crown Perth Casino

The Crown Multi-Level Parking System's success hinged on its seamless integration with various hardware and software components. Lateral's proactive approach ensured that the system continually monitored the functionality of devices to identify and address any issues promptly.

The system stands as a testament to Crown Perth Casino's commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. By leveraging advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, the casino created a parking facility that not only enhanced convenience but also prioritised visitor safety and satisfaction.

The seamless parking experience demonstrates how innovative technology solutions can contribute to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing parking space wait times and simplifying the navigation to available parking spaces, allowing customers to enjoy more of what the facility has to offer.

From a software perspective the launch of the application today couldn't have gone any smoother.

Tony Harrison
Senior Application Analyst at Crown Perth

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