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Complex Order Management and Compliance with Chinese Regulatory Framework

GFC grappled with an inefficient order management process, using spreadsheets that lacked history and validation, risking transaction errors, losses and sub-optimal inventory management as a result. They also needed a platform accessible to their large Chinese customer base.

This involved dealing with the restrictive 'Great Firewall of China', which posed a unique accessibility challenge, necessitating compliance with China's complex local regulatory framework.



Lateral’s flexible and responsive approach to our customer software development and their willingness to take the time to truly understand our business has made them a valuable business partner.

Matt Rutter
General Manager at Geraldton Fisherman’s Cooperative

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Streamlined Order Management System with 'The Source Lobster Website' and China-specific Hosting

Lateral devised a comprehensive digital solution in "The Source Lobster Website", entirely transforming GFC's order management system and improving their process for fulfilling customer orders. This intuitive platform allowed customers to place orders directly, which streamlined order-taking, negotiation, and allocation processes. Sales and customer service representatives could instantly review, respond to, and negotiate with clients, thereby reducing the amount of manual administrative tasks considerably and creating a more controlled order management process.

The platform also incorporated inventory management and tracking, permitting daily inputs to be matched against orders. It facilitated the identification of warehouse sources for lobsters and also integrated flight information for logistics planning, thus reducing fulfilment delays, ensuring timely deliveries and improving asset management.

Considering GFC's significant Chinese customer base, the solution was specifically designed to be accessible from China. To achieve this, the website was hosted in China via C3Edge, a provider of managed IT solutions for global enterprises. Additionally, to operate within China's regulatory framework, an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license was obtained from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a result, Chinese customers would have complete visibility over their orders, from when the order management process begins, all the way through to fulfilment.


Increased Operational Efficiency of the Order Management System, Customer Satisfaction, and Business Growth

Implementing "The Source Lobster Website" resulted in remarkable improvements for GFC. Order processing management was streamlined, thereby reducing administrative tasks and improving efficiency. Enhanced data tracking ensured accurate inventory management, while configurable sales thresholds facilitated better control over lobster sales. Efficient warehouse management and sourcing and integrated flight information improved logistics and asset management, ensuring timely deliveries.

Importantly, the website's hosting in China and the obtained ICP license increased accessibility for GFC's Chinese customers. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of this market, GFC enhanced its reach and relationships with its Chinese clientele.

Overall, these significant enhancements led to improved operational efficiency heightened customer satisfaction, and spurred GFC's business growth, making the order management system solution a resounding success.

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