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Database Performance Issues: Performance and Usability Issues with the Buy Backs System

John Hughes Group faced significant challenges with their Buy Backs system, particularly slow report generation and a complex user interface, which was impacting client engagement and risking long-term customer relationships. Clients experiencing delays in receiving reports and difficulties in system navigation were less likely to utilise the system fully, potentially leading to client dissatisfaction and loss of revenue.

Realising these issues, the company recognised the need for an overhaul. They aimed to develop a more efficient, user-friendly system to enhance their service offering and maintain competitiveness. An improved system was crucial not only for retaining existing clients by offering a better User Experience (UX) but also for attracting new ones, thereby securing the company's profitability and market position.


Thank you for all your hard work over the years.

Donald Martin
General Manager IT of John Hughes Group




Database Performance Tuning: Revamped Database Architecture and Improved User Experience

Lateral delivered a solution that preserved the Buy Backs system's core functionality while improving database performance and tackling usability issues. The existing code base and architecture were found to be outdated, threatening future system robustness. Lateral proposed and executed a complete rewrite of the database architecture to boost report generation performance.

Previously, the system relied on the Titan database, John Hughes Group's proprietary database for vehicle information and inventory data. Each report generation required the system to scan this extensive database for data retrieval, leading to time-consuming operations.

Lateral developed a dedicated Buy Backs database that was regularly updated using Structured Query Language (SQL). This innovative architecture eliminated the need for the system to query the Titan database for each report, significantly speeding up the process. Through the application of these database performance tuning techniques, report generation times were reduced from minutes to mere seconds.

Additionally, focusing on UX, Lateral redesigned the system's forms following UX best practices. This optimised data entry and overall system usability, thereby improving user satisfaction too.


Optimal Database Performance: Boosted System Efficiency and Client Engagement

Through the strategic partnership with Lateral, John Hughes Group transformed their Buy Backs system into an efficient, value-rich tool. Lateral's expertise in design, navigation, and architecture overhauled the system's interface, delivering a seamless UX that encouraged client engagement and maximised the system's utilisation.

The improved performance of the database's architecture drastically cut down report generation times, increasing the system's efficiency. An optimised UX from the form redesign made the system more user-friendly, further boosting client interactions.

This transformation of the Buy Backs system strengthened John Hughes Group's unique offering, enhancing its value to clients and unlocking the system's full potential, ultimately contributing to the company's continued success.

Fine-tuning databases creates a more seamless experience for your customers. Overcome your database performance issues by contacting the Lateral team today!

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