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Disjointed Legacy Systems Impede Operational Efficiency at HFC

Hollywood Fertility Centre struggled with operational challenges stemming from two separate legacy systems for patient management—leading to duplicated information, potential delays, and confusion among staff. The existing user interface lacked intuitiveness, and there was an absence of comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities, hampering effective activity tracking across the clinic.


Unified Diary: A Bespoke Solution for Consolidated Patient Management

Lateral developed a bespoke software solution— the Unified Diary— to address HFC's operational challenges. This web calendar application consolidated data from both legacy systems into a single, cohesive platform, powered by an enterprise-grade Microsoft SQL Server database. The solution met HFC's stringent requirements for security, performance, and efficient data management.

The Unified Diary provided a comprehensive view of patient-related activities, appointments, and procedures on a single screen for all divisions within the clinic. Doctors could easily stay informed about the lab's activities, while nurses gained access to appointment information handled by the administration.

The system eliminated the need for paper forms and additional software, streamlining processes and reducing potential errors. The Unified Diary's user-friendly interface and intuitive colour-coded design made it simple to navigate, enhancing ease of use and accessibility to pertinent information. This solution allowed HFC to effectively manage their patient data and activities, improving internal operations and the quality of care provided.



Increased Transparency and Productivity with the Unified Diary Software

The implementation of the Unified Diary significantly enhanced transparency and productivity at HFC. It provided management with valuable resources, including comprehensive reports and analysis functions, allowing them to gain a holistic view of clinic operations. The solution also offered robust billing verification, ensuring accuracy in financial transactions.

The Unified Diary benefited all stakeholders, providing a comprehensive view of ongoing activities and the ability to reference patient histories for future planning. This software positioned HFC as a modern and innovative fertility centre, reinforcing their commitment to delivering high-quality, personalised care.

The application’s user-friendly design and comprehensive features set a new standard in patient management, meeting the expectations of patients seeking exceptional fertility services.

The Diary not only enhanced our ability to manage our patents, it gave everyone in the practice a clear picture of their part to each day: a great use of IT which unifies our patients and our practice needs

Guy Callender
Practice Manager at Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC)

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