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Disjointed Legacy Systems Impede Operational Efficiency at HFC

HFC struggled with operational challenges stemming from two separate legacy systems for patient management—leading to duplicated information, potential delays, and confusion among staff. The existing user interface lacked intuitiveness, and there was an absence of comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities, hampering effective activity tracking across the clinic and diminishing patient engagement as a result.


The Diary not only enhanced our ability to manage our patients, it gave everyone in the practice a clear picture of their part to each day: a great use of IT which unifies our patients and our practice needs

Guy Callender
Practice Manager at Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC)




Unified Diary: A Bespoke Solution for Consolidated Patient Management

Lateral developed a bespoke patient management system software solution — the Unified Diary — to address HFC's operational challenges. This web calendar application consolidated data from both legacy systems into a single, cohesive platform, powered by an enterprise-grade Microsoft SQL Server database. The practice management solution met HFC's stringent requirements for security, performance, and efficient data management, all while prioritising patient care.

The Unified Diary provided a comprehensive view of patient-related activities, appointments, and procedures on a single screen for all divisions within the clinic. Doctors and medical professionals were better equipped to remain up to date on the lab's activities, while nurses were able to independently gain access to appointment and patient information previously handled by administrative staff.

The system's revolutionary approach completely eradicated the requirement for paper forms and supplementary software, resulting in a significant streamlining of operational processes and greatly diminishing the likelihood of errors. Its user-friendly interface, characterised by an intuitive and visually appealing colour-coded design, made it remarkably simple for users to navigate, further enhanced by the clear and accessible layout, which allowed users to quickly identify and access pertinent practice and patient information without any hassle.

Moreover, this innovative solution empowered HFC to manage their patient records, data, and activities with unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency, not only improving internal operations by optimising workflow and reducing administrative burdens, but also significantly enhancing the patient experience.



Increased Transparency and Productivity with the Unified Diary Software

The implementation of the Unified Diary significantly enhanced transparency and productivity at HFC. It provided management with valuable resources, affording them a comprehensive view of ongoing activities, the ability to reference patient histories for future planning, and more comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities. The solution also offered robust billing verification, ensuring accuracy in financial transactions, medical billing and patient communication, and streamlined HFC's operations, reducing administrative burdens and allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork and other administrative tasks.

The Unified Diary emerged as a pivotal tool for all relevant stakeholders, offering wide-ranging visibility across ongoing activities within the healthcare facility. Its capabilities extended far beyond mere record-keeping; it also provided an in-depth view of patient records interactions, treatments, and outcomes. This comprehensive scope was particularly beneficial for referencing patient histories, which became an invaluable asset for future planning and decision-making. Healthcare providers could easily access detailed patient records, track progress over time, and tailor their approaches based on this historical data detailed in the patient management system. For patients, this meant receiving more informed and personalised care. The software's ability to integrate various aspects of patient data into a single, unified platform significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the care provided, improving patient experience and overall practice management.

This seamless integration of patient records, appointment scheduling, and treatment planning transformed the way the practice operated, making it more agile and responsive to patient needs. This transformation was not just about adopting new technology; it represented HFC's deep commitment to delivering high-quality, personalised care, with the custom-made practice management software meticulously designed to meet the high expectations of patients seeking exceptional fertility services.

By embracing this cutting-edge solution, HFC reinforced its position as a leader in the fertility care sector, setting a precedent for patient management systems for other healthcare providers to follow.

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