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Costly, Bulky SLK Machines Impact Roadwork Maintenance Efficiency

Fulton Hogan, a construction and engineering company, relied on expensive and cumbersome Straight-Line Kilometre (SLK) machines for roadwork maintenance. These machines, installed on vehicles, directed inspectors to locations of interest along specific roads. The high cost and limited availability of these machines prompted the company to seek a more efficient, accessible solution.


Lateral provided innovative and versatile IT solutions that have helped to provide greater business efficiencies.

Bill Berry
Project Manager at Fulton Hogan




Innovative Mobile Application Replaces Traditional SLK Machines

To replace the traditional SLK machines, Lateral developed the innovative SLK Metre Application. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app was designed to guide inspectors accurately during roadwork maintenance, negating the need for bulky, expensive SLK machines.

Initially, Lateral developed the Android version of the app, as there were licensing issues related to the iOS platform. The use of an open-source library required the separation of this from the rest of the codebase to maintain code confidentiality.

In addition to the mobile app, Lateral developed an administration website with a service layer to enhance the security and administration of the application. The website enabled control of the mobile app's functionalities and data through robust authentication and authorisation mechanisms.

To simplify app updates and ensure easy access for external contractors and city councils, Fulton Hogan opted to distribute the app via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, rather than through Mobile Device Management (MDM).



Significant Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency with the SLK Metre App

The SLK Metre Application became a game-changer for Fulton Hogan, delivering significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. The annual cost per user was reduced to just $20, a stark contrast to the $1,500 per vehicle cost incurred with traditional SLK machine installations.

In addition to financial savings, the app's availability on popular app stores ensured a seamless user experience for all stakeholders involved, from internal employees to external contractors and city councils.

This successful partnership with Lateral showcases how embracing technological innovations can result in substantial cost savings and operational improvements. The SLK Metre App has made roadwork maintenance more efficient and accessible for Fulton Hogan's workforce, marking a significant advancement in their operational processes.

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