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Security Audits

Software Security Audits.

Lateral conducts Security Audits to analyse the security of the client's’ software by reviewing the software code, and updating to the required level.  These audits review the quality of the software code, data storage, encryptions and communication.

The Security Audit Briefing document is produced after the initial audit. This briefing outlines the various threats - isolated and otherwise - to the client, along with the level of urgency in which they should be attended to. This is vital in assessing current software performance and opportunities for expansion in future.

The Importance of Running Security Audits 

The threats to software security are constantly changing; conducting a Lateral Security Audit (LSA) provides vital insights into any possible security threats, because modern businesses rely on secure software. It is now common practice for any business which has invested in software to seek a second opinion as part of their business process.  Conducting a security audit with Lateral enables your business and your software to stay secure, and fully up to date with the latest industry practices and standards.

Why Choose a Lateral Security Audit?

As a company, we have a strong history in the Health, Education, and Agritech industries where data security is vital.  We can identify quality - we have a strong team of developers and analysts that are among the best at developing and refining quality software and apps.

All our information and recommendations are presented in line with our exceptional standards and practices.

What is included in a Lateral Security Audit?

The following are reviewed for quality and possible threats:

  • Code  - .NET, Java, Objective -C and Swift
  • Data storage
  • Encryption
  • Communications

A detailed briefing document and review meeting are also provided after an audit completion. During the meeting, recommended courses of action and future solutions are also discussed.

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