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It’s an exciting time to run a finance or technology business. The finance and technology industries have been among the first to jump onboard and benefit from the transformation in the digital age.

With the proliferation of mobile apps and systems integration, finance and technology companies can empower themselves and their clients through new and innovative technology.

Whether you run a finance company such as a credit union, bank or telecoms, you can give your clients the ability to manage their financial and non-financial related affairs with the click of a button. Lateral can help you find the correct system for your needs, hence reducing your expenses and refining your business processes.

No more confusing filing cabinets to wade through looking for that missing piece of data. Finding exactly what you need is much easier in a paperless world.

With the big players in finance and technology utilising cutting edge technology and providing their clients with unparalleled ease and convenience, customers will expect a lot from you.

Some of the types of software that Lateral can help develop and implement to improve your business systems include:

  • Accounts software
  • Credit card process software
  • Payroll software
  • Project accounting software
  • Sales and operations (S&O) software
  • Linked Finance Apps
  • Mobile payment system integration
  • Account Aggregation
  • Monetization
  • Property management apps

Has your finance or technology business gone digital yet?

In an increasingly competitive market, it is critical you bring your A-game to keep up with your competitors, otherwise your customers may end up wandering away to greener pastures.

Make it easier for your clients to do business with you, and they’ll be happy to stick around and reward you with their dollars.

Lateral's diverse expertise and strong capability in software development and the technology space can help you discover opportunities for improvement within your business, streamline your business processes and systems and help maximise your returns.

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