Cloud Computing For Business

Google vs Amazon vs Microsoft vs Alibaba.

When choosing a cloud computing platform it can be tempting just to zero in on the cost, especially if you’re new to the area. However, there are three main players in this space - Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure - all have different strengths, so it is important to consider your specific business needs before deciding on which one to go with.

At Lateral we can help you decide and develop custom software utilising any one of these platforms, so here’s our handy guide to work out what’s best for you and your business.

Processing Power (Compute)

The processing powers that cloud services offer is known as compute. Generally speaking, the more compute power the better. However, compute power is also directly linked to price, so this will depend on individual budget and requirements.

When it comes to compute power, all three products are very similar. All support containers, are easy to manage and are truly portable. Ultimately it comes down to price and user experience. We recommend trying out this cloud cost analysis to get an idea of which platform would work best for you. Or you can simply get in touch with us and we can help explain everything and find your perfect fit.


As with compute power, there are costs associated with storage. Amazon is the best, but it’s also the most expensive and thus you only want to consider it if you have the budget. The other two offer a reliable service at a more reasonable rate.


Location is important for deploying your application for two reasons:

  1. You want to have the lowest possible route to your intended customer base so that the application performs at its peak.
  2. Prices differ according to which region you are taking services from, so you want to minimise your cost when using cloud services.
  • AWS - Leads the pack with 42 availability zones.
  • GCP - Good coverage with a presence in 33 countries.
  • Microsoft Azure - Good coverage with availability in 32 regions.
  • Alibaba Cloud - Good coverage with availability across 20 regions worldwide.
(note: new regions are added on a regular basis)


  • AWS -  Amazon’s RDS (Relational Database Service) provides support for most major databases including Oracle and PostgreSQL. This service manages everything from updating to patching and even provides solutions to common database problems. Amazon also offers high performance DB choice Aurora.
  • GCP -  Seems to be a bit lacking in providing options to the end user (unlike AWS and Azure). Offers  Cloud SQL  SQL database handling features.
  • Microsoft Azure -  offers Azure SQL SQL database handling features and high performance DB choice DocumentDB.
  • Alibaba Cloud - Alibaba ApsaraDB provides support for MySQL, Postgres and also offers high performance DB choices.

Making Your Choice

Cloud computing offers amazing possibilities for businesses to develop all kinds of custom computing solutions that was previously beyond reach. To make the most out of this fantastic new technology you need to choose the platform that is best suited to your specific business needs and operation.

At Lateral we aim to take the confusion out of custom computing and make sure that our clients get the absolute most out of the latest cutting edge technology.

If you’re considering harnessing the power of cloud computing to give your business a competitive edge get in touch with our dedicated team of cloud computing specialists today!


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