Cloud Computing Services.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud has been one of many IT buzzwords. Nowadays, everything seems to be up in the cloud. However, some, more traditional-minded people seem to be against it. They think it is not secure enough and the data is taken out of their hands. 

When you ask them if it is actually more secure to store data and software stationary in their office’s servers, including taking the risks of floods, bushfires or other common natural Australian disasters; they fall silent. Not to mention the hardware costs and server crashes incase there is an unforeseen increased demand of their web services. More and more government departments are using cloud computing services as well.

Using the cloud is a good way to:

  • Scale your projects up and down, depending on demand; you only pay what you are using
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Let users access your software wherever an internet connection is available, without having to use their desktop computer 

As software developers are constantly fulfilling sophisticated requirements, we leverage modern technology while putting strong emphasis on enterprise-grade security. That is why we only use cloud service providers we trust such as Microsoft AzureAWS (Amazon Web Services) and Alibaba Cloud. We are in direct contact with their experts based in Australia.

You can choose their data centres based in Australia, so your data is stored locally, not overseas. Different levels of encryption are offered; hence even government departments are using cloud computing services to store their data. We select the right level of data encryption needed for our clients' needs.

Even if you are not 100% sure how it all works in the cloud - leave it with us, our experts know what to do. For more information about how we can help leverage cloud computing solutions for your project.

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