Curtin Business School

Industry : Other
Client : Curtin Business School
Services Used: Custom software development|App development|Cloud Computing
Approx Budget :$20k
Curtin Business School

Custom Web Application for the public sector

The client had developed a methodology for quickly and easily estimating the cost for public sector software projects, and needed a mechanism to deliver the service. He'd previously had an entry-level developer working on implementing the idea, and after significant investment of time & money had nothing to show for it.

Lateral managed to get a prototype version of the web application up & running in about a week, and the client was so impressed he asked us to finish off the application. This entailed building the security model, integrating dynamic help/instructions into the app, creating & adding an explanatory diagram for the methodology, and ensuring the estimation calculation logic was sound and the default values sensible.

Lateral also arranged for cloud hosting and managed the production deployment of the service.

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