Industry : Agribusiness
Client : CSBP
Services Used: App development


iOS app allowing farmers to capture GPS data in the paddock

To help farmers making informed decisions for the optimal use of amounts and types of fertilisers, CSBP offers a soil analysis service, NUlogic.

Soil sample testing kits include a bag and a paper form which is sent to the laboratory.

Nulogic Plant Analysis Kit

After the kit arrived at CSBP’s lab, staff had to manually enter the form’s details into their system. As farmers don’t always have enough time, sometimes kits arrived without all relevant information or even without a form or a means of identifying the customer.


CSBP searched for a solution to decrease processing effort required at the lab, and improve the level of information available in a shorter period of time.


Lateral was asked to develop a custom iOS app for CSBP called “CSBP Sampling Pro”. The farmer uses the free app on his iPhone or iPod touch, scans the barcodes affixed to the NUlogic kits' sample bags while GPS information is automatically collected.

Samples are scanned via barcode scanner using the phones camera  

On Google Earth, he can see where in the paddock the sample has been collected. Red markers indicate not complete samples, turning green when they have been completed. Existing sites can be imported, allowing them to pre-plan their locations and delegate the collection work of sampling to staff. Users enter the paddock information before sending all information via the app to CSBP’s laboratory.

Incase there is no internet connection, the app records the information while offline, then synchronises once connected to the internet.

The comprehensive user interface guides the farmer through the process

A server component handles authentication, receives the submitted sample data and uploads it to CSBP’s system.

The completed data even arrives earlier at CSBP than the physical soil samples the farmer sent by mail.


  • More streamlined workflow at the laboratory without manual entries saves time and increases accuracy
  • GPS data captured while taking the sample allows for more accurate, granular and targeted fertiliser recommendations
  • For CSBP, lab resources planning has become easier

The app “CSBP Sampling Pro“ was released on Nov 18th 2014 to Apple’s App Store.


Versions for Android and Windows would be a possible future.

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