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iPad games series for teaching children literacy

PLD, as a traditional publishing company, has produced 90 resources/programs, each addressing specific skills from the three areas as shown in the visual below: 

PLD Learning Resources

The content of each program varies. Often they incorporate physical resources such as work sheets, activity cards, assessment sheets, posters and game boards. The product range is specifically tailored to particular activities, age groups and various skill levels.

PLD Learning Resources

PLD provides further support for teachers and parents by using modern media such as their website where development milestones information can be downloaded. Free videos are available, demonstrating in person how to use the learning resources.

As a forward thinking business, PLD recognised the need to develop digital products and apps to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Realising children, parents and teachers are using iPads, it was a natural development to tap into evolving media such as game apps, complementing PLD’s existing resources.

Concurrently, PLD was aware of the lack of resources in educational organisations; there are only limited numbers of iPads available, so the challenge was to equip the children with the best possible resource to support improving childhood literacy.



PLD’s first project was to develop a range of iPad app games for reading.

In order to overcome the challenge of restricted resources, the game was to be developed for two children to play simultaneously.

Lateral was assigned to develop a range of iPad games to enhance reading skills. Lateral not only worked closely with PLD’s graphic designers to assure consistency in the look and feel of all PLD products; we also maintained close contact with PLD’s director, as she is a Classroom Teacher, a Specialist Literacy Teacher, as well as a Speech Pathologist. This triangle of professional collaboration resulted in the release of PLD’s first app game called “PLD 2P Read 1a”, in the Apple Store. It is the first app in a series of four games.

PLD 2P Read 1A developed by Lateral  PLD 2P Read 1B developed by Lateral  PLD 2P Read 1C developed by Lateral  PLD 2P Read 1D developed by Lateral


Four weeks following its release, the first PLD iPad game app ranked sixth in the paid Word Games category inApple’s iPad Top Charts.

Buyers stated in reviews that the app “perfectly compliments the use of Diana Rigg literacy strategy in my classroom”, “we have purchased 20 of these apps for our Pre primary iPads. We love the two player aspect…”, and “my son wanted me to play it with him”. The majority of the reviewers gave 5 stars.

  Child playing PLD game on iPad together with adult

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