Honda MPE

Industry : Engineering
Client : Honda MPE
Services Used: Custom software development
Honda MPE


Integrating two separate ERP systems into one online portal

Honda MPE operates with two different ERP systems. One package solution, Movex, covers motorcycles, power equipment, engines and boat outboards. Parts are handled via a separate Honda in-house built ERP solution with additional functionality such as warranties and sales registrations that the Movex solution does not provide.

These ERP systems had no external interface that could be accessed by the dealer network; after dealers placed their orders via fax, email or telephone, staff had to manually enter the order into the systems. Honda MPE’s goal was to eliminate error-prone and labour-intense paperwork by providing external access to place orders directly into their ERP systems.

It was a requirement to keep both well established systems and to find a solution that integrates them into one online ordering system via the internet. A tight time frame challenged our analysts and developers.


Within three months, Lateral developed a web solution that allowed dealers to place orders online with one single interface to Honda MPE’s two ERP systems. A powerful Quick order entry suggests items after typing only a few letters.

For orders with multiple items, clients can upload a spread sheet in any popular format, e.g. an Excel file. Both functionalities make the ordering process very convenient and quick for the dealers. Moreover, orders are easy to track from both ends.

The system caters not only for single orders, but also allows for campaign orders where dealers can place orders up to six months in advance, achieving volume discounts. Furthermore, required documents such as warranty certificates or registration details such as frame numbers for motorcycles can be generated online as a pdf.

The technology used is LANSA for the web as well as LANSA Integrator.


With HOOS, Hondas Online Ordering System, 1000 dealers can conveniently place orders online through one interface, regardless of which type of item they order. Due to eliminating paperwork, not only have errors been reduced, but also the turnaround time from ordering to delivery has been minimised.

The launch of campaign orders allowed an enhanced production planning for Honda MPE as well as a competitive price policy.

Customer satisfaction has increased twofold; dealers don’t need to wait on the phone for an answer and can get simple information just by logging in.

Since Lateral’s involvement, the system has constantly evolved and improved. In a view towards the future, the solution can be ported to any other platform without rewriting the code as the Intellectual Property is with Honda MPE.

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