Software Development For

Engineering Industry.

In an industry built around technology and innovation, engineers are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of new methods to improve the overall efficiency of their work, particularly through advances in software development. 

The engineering industry is extremely diverse and touches almost every aspect of our everyday lives. On daily basis, an engineer's job can range from the conceptual design and detailed planning studies to implementation, commissioning and project management. The wide variety of possibilities presents a huge scope for implementation of the new technology to assist those working in any engineering industry. By utilising the latest developments in technology and software development, engineers will be able to maximise their solutions in an increasingly efficient and productive manner.

A typical engineering project consists of the following phases:

  • Research and conceptual planning
  • Detailed design
  • Product development
  • Production& Implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Commercial Distribution 

The need to increase efficiency and productivity at every stage of an engineering project is ever growing and hence the introduction of new technology and software to automate and simplify existing practises are always in high demand.

Lateral's diverse expertise and strong capability in software development and the technology space can help you discover opportunities for improvement within your business, streamline your business processes and systems and help maximise your returns. 

Some of the types of software that Lateral can help develop and implement to improve your business systems include:

  • Project management software
  • AutoCAD software
  • Mechanical references
  • Theory, derivation, derived formula
  • Electronics tools and references
  • Platform for learning, teaching and training
  • Sound level meter
  • Converters & Calculators
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