Department of Agriculture and Foods WA

Industry : Agribusiness
Client : Department of Agriculture and Foods WA
Services Used: Custom software development|App development
Approx Budget :approx. $100k
Custom software development|App development

Custom Web App Integrated with Oracle database platform

The client needed an easy-to-use web application for frontline staff to load invoice & payment details, which were to be subsequently sent to their hosted ERP service. A previous attempt to build the system had consumed nearly a year of development effort and hadn't delivered anything, due to an excessively complex architecture and low-quality contractors.

Lateral reviewed the existing code and recommended starting again, which is not something we recommend lightly. We rapidly ramped up a team and implemented a new MVC3 web application with a much-simplified architecture, integrated with the client's preferred Oracle database platform. Extensive use of AJAX and concise semantic HTML markup drastically improved performance and usability over the old system, and the code base was nearly an order of magnitude smaller, which we believe will result in a far lower maintenance cost over the life of the system.

The system was delivered in around 10 weeks and the users were happy and significantly more productive.

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