Electronic Vaccination Website for The Department of Health

Industry : Health
Client : Communicable Disease Control Directorate
Services Used: Custom software development


Health care workers serve the community in a wide range of ways, including hospitals, labs and homes. Having regular contact with the sick, vaccination is a requirement for healthcare workers to avoid illnesses (e.g. as influenza, measles, rubella and pertussis) and perform their duties. Due to the high number of healthcare personnel, however, the process of obtaining vaccination consent up to tracking the progress can be laborious and time-consuming.

Therefore, the Department of Health approached Lateral to streamline the whole process of administering vaccines to make it more efficient. Lateral was requested to build an integrated online system for the department. The aim of this system was to be able to accept vaccination consents, record an individual’s vaccination details, and report on vaccination progress.


As a solution, Lateral created a dedicated website where administrators such as nurses can record all the information required for vaccination. The website was built as a Single Page Application (SPA) approach to minimise the number of HTML pages (hypertext mark-up language pages) developed for the web application.

We built the website with development tools including Knockout.js, C#, .NET, and MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework with an SQL Server backend database. This approach gives a better user experience as it simplifies the website’s interface and reduces the loading time.

In the website, we included a Consent e-Form which health care workers can use to input their information such as job category, gender, birth date, and consent details. It has a portal which allows nurses and administrators to enter information about an individual’s vaccination and generate vaccine related reports such as inventory and details about vaccines that were administered. Using this new system, department staff are now able to access all vaccination details on one platform to save time and manual labour.

Our Expert Take

The SPA approach allowed us to create a simple yet effective website for the Department of Health. Obtaining vaccination consent has never been easier. Typically, a page gets harder to maintain and becomes more prone to errors as more functions are added to it. Nevertheless, with proper planning, we managed to build a platform that has all the required features and provides a good user experience. Due to this integrated system, Department of Health is able to store related information and produce reports on a centralised platform which offers a much more efficient workflow and process.


Paul Crow

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