Industry : Agribusiness
Client : MarketAg
Services Used: Custom software development|App development
Approx Budget :$20k

Custom Web App accessible when mobile, eliminating spreadsheets

MarketAg are a grain market advisory service who track a large number of prices which they use to drive recommendations & alerts for their customers. In their existing system, prices were entered and processed through a collection of spreadsheets before being imported into an SQL Server database, but MarketAg wanted to move to a web application to allow their advisors to more easily access and enter prices while on the road.

Lateral built a price entry web application that made heavy use of client-side scripting to make data entry as fast and efficient as possible. Extensive keyboard shortcuts, AJAX validation, custom tab ordering and dynamic default values were employed to speed up price entry. In addition, a price administration interface was implemented to replace the ‘change anything’ capability of the old spreadsheets, and special effort was put into making the application work well on the iPad.

The system was successfully deployed and MarketAg now have a consistent, remotely accessible pricing system that has improved their service reliability.

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