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Innovative custom iPad app for a fertility centre laboratory

In fertility clinics, the lab work is a critical component. Long before the actual fertilisation happens, a thorough semen analysis has to be done.

Strict guidelines from regulatory bodies are in place in order to achieve accurate lab results.

As a modern, forward-thinking clinic, Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC) strives to work paperless. However, the challenge labs face in general is that there is no physical space for computers, so lab staff have to carry paper notes and transfer the information later to a computer system at their offices. Often they have to fill in forms with information the patient filled in in another form. Also, the process often requires head counting. Not only is this procedure time-consuming, it is also prone to human errors.

Hollywood Fertility Centre searched for a better solution that would improve efficiency and accuracy, hence increase productivity.



Lateral was assigned to develop a custom iPad app, tailor-made to the lab’s workflow. We worked closely together with HFC’s andrologists, analysed their daily workflow and involved their feedback in the app development process.

The app guides the lab staff through their everyday workflow. The data is entered directly into their system via electronic forms in the app. Calculations are accurately done according to WHO’s requirements.

The iPad app not only eliminates paper and pen, but also other equipment andrologists use, such as egg timers and calculators.

In case the WiFi goes temporarily off, all data is saved locally and transferred to the server as soon as the connection is established again.

The lab app is integrated into HFC’s general computer system across all departments. This means, the information can be seen in real time by all departments; there is only one source of truth. Staff in the administration department sees on the screen which services have been done and can start the billing process.

Hollywood Fertility Centre  



In December 2014, the iPad app was released and has been used by the lab staff.

They were impressed by the time savings using the app; a semen analysis that takes usually half an hour has been reduced to 20 minutes.

The iPad has the same size as a paper notepad but has many advantages such as removing duplication time, improving accuracy and minimising the risk of human error. There is no need anymore for a third scientist to check the results.

With their custom iPad app Hollywood Fertility Centre is at the forefront of efficiency and productivity as they are the pioneers utilising mobile technology in their lab. This gives them a competitive advantage in the market of fertility clinics, providing the technically best possible lab result that can be offered in the field of IVF.

The iPad has become a part of the daily equipment HFCs andrologists use

Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC):
"This system has removed human error in calculations as there is no need for any paper based systems.“

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