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Fertility Clinic Software Case Study. 

Is your fertility clinic being held back by out-dated, legacy systems?

Spending unnecessary time, effort and money dealing with paperwork is not only unproductive and laborious - it opens the door to human error. Lateral is your key to a fully connected, cost-effective fertility management IT system. Our mission is to help our clients enhance their fertility business through high quality software solutions and services. We can work with you to create a practice-wide paperless system that is secure, reliable and functionally suited to your complex needs.

Put simply, Lateral can bring your clinic into the 21st century with technology that boosts staff productivity and enhances data accuracy. The result? A better patient and staff experience designed to ultimately create more profit at your clinic.

“An IT system is most effective when it is seen, always available, and not heard! We find the HMS to be highly reliable, efficiency enhancing and an effective practice tool.” - Dr Simon Turner, Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC)

"We’ve revolutionised IT management at one fertility clinic. What about yours? Our HMS has already proved to be extremely successful, leading to greater efficiency, accuracy and productivity at HFC. With staff members intimately involved in the development and acceptance of each step of the project, we’ve minimised most training requirements and ensured that everyone is 100% on board before each stage is implemented. This ‘progressive implementation’ has also led to zero operational interruptions at HFC, allowing the new system to be gradually phased in with ease."


We have achieved outstanding results at Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC)

In 2012, Lateral was engaged to provide an independent review of Hollywood Fertility Clinic’s security and IT systems performance. With a strong focus on increasing the level of task automation, Lateral has delivered an efficient, reliable system (Hollywood Management System (HMS)) that has produced outstanding results for the clinic.

Lateral built a robust, bespoke custom software solution integrating mobile devices with the browser based system. Designing and implementing the HMS has taken nearly nearly two years with each part of the system being developed, tested and progressively integrated. This approach minimises system risk, reduces staff training and enhances patient familiarisation.

What have we improved?
Task What was automated? Benefit for HFC
Data Management Data migration between Admin staff and patient records, Legacy Systems (lab information) and HMS (treatment). Saves significant time and avoids data duplication. This has removed nearly 95% of all double entries. 
Treatment Cycles The daily drug assignments and dosages from a user selected drug regime / program. Saves 25% of the previous time and ensures accurate regulatory reporting and accuracy of calculation. 
Administration Billing events for billing and tracking the services patients have received. Ensures billing is accurate and reduces time.
Drug Register System for assigning drugs to patients during their treatment. Vastly reduces paperwork, and tightly controls the drugs received and dispensed. This has increased efficiency by 40%. 
Semen Analysis Entire Semen Analysis process. No longer paper based. Removes human error in calculations and entries. 
Laboratory Auto generation of a unique laboratory number. A vast improvement over the manual system. This has removed paper-based systems potential for human error and has gained efficiency up to 120%. 
  Calculations for various laboratory values such as sperm counts and motility. Removes manual calculation, reducing the potential for errors. 
  Sperm cryo stocktake. Significantly saves time by up to 40% per day. 
  Statistics generation. Major cost and time savings.
Regulatory Reporting ANZARD and state annual reporting. Significant time and cost savings.

Other major improvements

The system also greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy in a number of other core functions at HFC. 
Pregnancy Tracking Billing ANZARD and State Regulatory Reports  
Functionality was built into the system for HFC staff to record pregnancy results for treatment cycles.

This has provided visibility and added efficiency to the reporting requirements. 
Simple workflow screens were built that record exactly what procedures a patient receives and what they have in cryopreservation, allowing administration staff to correctly invoice and track patient billing.

This has increased time efficiency by 60%. 

As the final output from HMS, we ensured that everything required for these reports can be entered into the system, reducing the risk of error where possible.

This makes the preparation of these reports a very simple and speedy task.


If you want to go into more detail, read individual case studies about HFC's innovative iPad app for their lab, HFC's unified diary across all departments and their drug register mobile app.

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